Parliamentary work has started. After the exceptional Council of Ministers organized on Monday, December 27, the bill “strengthening the tools for managing the health crisis” began to be examined in the National Assembly. Several provisions announced at the beginning of the week by Prime Minister Jean Castex to fight against the outbreak of contaminations were amended by the deputies.

Main measure of this text: the end of the health pass, replaced from mid-January by a vaccination pass. Some opposition MPs tried, in vain, to exempt minors aged 12 to 17 from this new measure, stressing in particular that it was not for them under 16 to decide whether or not to be vaccinated. and that they were less prone to severe forms of the disease.

But there is no question for the majority of going back on this measure. However, MEPs voted for an amendment allowing unvaccinated minors to still participate in school trips. Supported by Caroline Abadie (LaREM), this amendment provides that a negative test, like the vaccine or a certificate of recovery, is sufficient for these activities.

Another flagship measure among the announcements of the head of government: the end of large gatherings. From Monday, and for three weeks, indoor gatherings will be limited to 2,000 people, and outdoor gatherings to 5,000 people … regardless of the capacity of the enclosure. The deputy Sacha Houlié (LaREM) tabled an amendment so that the gauges in the stadiums and the theaters are fixed “in proportion to the capacity of reception and not in absolute value”.

Despite the unfavorable opinion of the rapporteur, the amendment was adopted on Wednesday in the law committee. “A matter of common sense,” said Sacha Houlié.

If the artists and sportsmen will have to evolve in front of a reduced public during the coming weeks, this will not be the case for the presidential candidates. Prime Minister Jean Castex recalled Monday that the French Constitution did not allow the setting of gauges, or the imposition of a health pass, at political meetings. This “raised, and I understand it, a fairly strong wave of protest”, admitted the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran.

To restore a certain fairness between places, the Assembly Laws Committee adopted an amendment by Guillaume Larrivé (LR), with the consent of the majority, granting the possibility to the organizers of political meetings the possibility of demanding a health pass. On the other hand, the principle of gauges, which is the subject of consultation between the Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin and the political parties, was not voted.

These various amendments, adopted by the Laws Committee, must still be voted on in session, before the shuttle with the Senate.

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