The Warriors announced their roster for the start of the season yesterday after recently cutting Avery Bradley and Gary Payton II and when you take a closer look, their squad lacked defensive specialists in the backcourt, a strange choice. In particular, Bradley’s firing was reportedly not very well understood by Stephen Curry and Draymond Green, who had been laudatory about him.

But without too much surprise, the Californians announce that they have finally just re-signed Gary Payton II (we do not know the details of the contract), which makes sense because if the duo Stephen Curry – Jordan Poole should make sparks in attack, on the other side of the field, against the talents on the rear posts in the West, that could be a major concern. Payton II will be there in case, he who missed part of the training camp, is injured.

Recall that he had several visits to the Warriors at the end of last season. In 10 games he had turned 2.5 points and 1.1 rebound, but had nothing but crumbs, 4 minutes on average.

Gary appeared in 10 games for the Dubs during the 2020-21 season, posting averages of 2.5 points and 1.1 rebounds in 4.0 minutes per game.

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