From the top of his 18 years, Clément Garrigues made an interesting first performance against the Toulonnais. Bodes well for the rest of the championship and for the future in Pro D2.

He was particularly under scrutiny this Saturday at Mayol, and Clément Garrigues did not have to be ashamed of the physical monsters from the Var. Indeed, the 18-year-old has risen to the occasion. As a reminder, the Agen center was opposed to Isaïa Toeava, the former all-black and a certain… Julien Hériteau.

And it is clear that in physical density, Clément Garrigues largely competed. As in the 13th minute when he manages to stop the overpowered Masivesi Dakuwaqa on the go, without flinching. Moreover, on many launches of defensive games, Régis Sonnes and Sylvain Mirande had decided to place him as first defender, in place of Raphaël Lagarde. No doubt to protect the latter, well chewed by the latest suavists outings.

Unfortunately, offensively, Clément Garrigues had very little to do. Two or three interesting balloons hit only. Keeping on the ground, but mostly intentions to break the line through dodging.

Although he could not be sharp offensively, the Agen hopeful defended very seriously. Evidenced by his final statistic: he finished with 15 tackles out of 16 attempted. At 18, it is necessary to salute this fine performance full of promise.

Cordin (35th), Toeava (73rd), Hériteau (48th)… Many players came up against the rookie in this meeting without succeeding in dominating him physically or on the supports.

Above all, this performance shows that Régis Sonnes can already count on Clément Garrigues in his squad from the next season, which is a good thing for the future of the eight Brennus club. But also for the next Top 14 meetings since the schedule looks difficult for President Fonteneau’s men with five games to play soon.