Negotiations have been launched between unions and the Metropolis concerning the working time of the agents responsible for collecting garbage in Marseille and in the Metropolis. They must be completed before the end of the year.

Since last Thursday, several skips have not left the depot in Marseille. Agents of the Metropolis responsible for garbage collection have started a strike movement, covered by a warning from the CGT which has existed since September 1. Several trucks did not leave the Cabucelle depot and garbage cans are starting to pile up in certain areas of the city such as the 1st or 6th arrondissement for example.

The situation could worsen on Monday, with a threat of strike notice brandished by FO, the majority union of agents of the Aix-Marseille Metropolis.

It is the reform of working time that poses the problem, a reform which must see the light of day before the end of the year, to comply with the law on the transformation of the civil service of August 6, 2019. Negotiations are underway. with the metropolis which employs the agents.

Today, the Metropolis offers a plan to agents, to align their working time with what is required, namely 1,607 working hours per year (35 hours per week). Today, agents work on average 1,480 hours per year according to the CGT (28 hours per week), due to a derogatory regime taking into account the arduousness of their tasks. The Metropolis offers a plan of 1,530 hours per year, or 2h12 more work per day. This is unacceptable for unions like the CGT which offer to work 1286 hours (which includes 30 additional days of rest per year, in addition to 25 days of annual leave).

Discussions resumed on Monday, and the FO union in particular is meeting with management in the Metropolis. At the end of this meeting, we will know if the strike notice is activated this Monday evening.

Last winter, Marseille garbage collectors went on strike for nearly two weeks. Hundreds of tons of trash were piling up on the sidewalks.

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