As per rumors, 2K, Firaxis and Jake Solomon, to whom we owe the recent Xcom games, have embarked on a new Tactical RPG, but in the Marvel universe. They will have to face Lilith helped by a new hero as we learn from the trailer The Awakening.

In recent years, rather unexpected licenses have been treated to a Tactical RPG type game, even if the most amazing is Mario the Rabbids, Gears of War was also a surprise, just like Metal Slugs. It’s always good to see new games in the genre coming, with a new vision, but for Xcom fans, learning that the Firaxis studio is not working on Xcom 3, but rather on yet another Marvel game has not been lacking. angry and worrying, especially after the resounding failure of the Marvel game by Square Enix, and the ignominy that has been the mobile Xcom game. It is still too early to judge in the case of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, however, since the information available is limited outside of the trailer.

According to Jake Solomon, who was the director of Xcom games, and who is in charge of Midnight Suns, this new title is indeed a Tactical RPG, and the player will embody a brand new hero in the Marvel universe, named The Hunter. This one will be customizable, although we don’t know to what extent. We assume that he will hold a similar role to the Commander of the Xcom games, but to give orders to known heroes or even to recruit new ones created freely in a fight against Lilith and the forces of hell (it feels like Diablo 4 ).

We will have to wait until September 1, a little less than a week for the first gameplay trailer, which will eventually reassure the public (or not). The game’s release is not far either, since it is scheduled for March 2022, so in about 6 months. The platforms have not been specified, but as Xcom is available on PC and consoles, it should be available on the majority of current platforms.

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