The Lens midfielder intends to build on the lessons of last season. A watchword: continuity

Since the record of the past season is good, we might as well bet on continuity. It is the choice of Gaël Kakuta, titular playmaker of RC Lens. Returned home a year ago now, the Lensois is in the bath. He found his place there.

We could have feared a necessary braking before the truce. Gaël Kakuta was unable to join his selection to compete in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. “I had some ankle problems but I feel a lot better. The truce allowed me to settle all that. It remains to deal with the little frustration of staying wisely at home while his teammates took two important points for qualifying. “I didn’t leave, it’s a bit boring especially since these are important matches. But I hope to be with them for the future. ”