That was to be expected and we are almost certain that G2 Esports will have a very different face in 2022 after the transfer window. For now, no one is safe apart from Caps. As Wunder is dispatched, the latest rumors are that Mikyx should pack up as well.

Wooloo has struck again. The LEC fan-favorite little sheep has relayed the rumor that Mikyx will no longer wear the G2 Esports jersey next year. There is currently nothing official, but this potential departure would not be totally surprising. Support has seemed to be on the decline this year and it has never managed to develop a meaningful synergy with Swedish ADC Rekkles. Even though Mikyx is still under contract with the Samurai until the end of 2022, one can easily imagine a departure. Just to find a new, younger and perhaps more Rekkles-compatible player.

Sources close to Dotesports have confirmed the information, even adding the transfer prices that G2 hopes to recover.

Mikyx isn’t the most charismatic player in G2 Esports, but he was part of the team’s furniture nonetheless. He has been there for almost 3 years and has won everything with the Samurai: 4 European championship titles and 1 MSI. While he managed to adapt to Perkz and Caps in botlane, the cohabitation with Rekkles was not so successful … He who had been so decisive in recent years has gone through the year in a relative anonymity.

At 22, he still has many good years ahead of him. If his departure is confirmed, he should not run out of suitors to buy back his last year of contract. The Media market is quite open this year in Europe and the majority of teams could greatly benefit from the Slovenian experience.

The LFL is home to a lot of talent and is expected to still provide fresh blood to the LEC for next year. Among the players who promise to animate the transfer window, we find the midlaner Loïc “toucouille” Dubois. The latter has already been authorized by his team to start negotiations.

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