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Posted on 05/05/2021 1:53 AM

Several PSG players complain about Björn Kuipers’ language on Tuesday, during the match against City.

Has Björn Kuipers crossed the line? This is what several PSG players said after the Champions League semi-final second leg won 2-0 by Manchester City on Tuesday at the Etihad Stadium. A 2-0 success that sends the Skyblues to the final for the first time in their history. The players of the French capital, them, dreamed of returning there after the experience of last year … “We talked about that in the locker room. It’s clear, you’ve seen the footage, it’s so clear that I don’t even need to comment, “Leonardo said on RMC Sport. Except that the Parisian sports director misunderstood what our colleagues told him. Until further notice, no image can overwhelm the 48-year-old Dutch referee.

Several players nevertheless openly accuse him. While he had finished with his interview, that our colleague had asked his last question and was about to release him, Ander Herrera was the first to speak: “One last thing: we always talk about respect for people. referees. He said “fuck off” to Leandro Paredes. However, if a player says that, he is suspended for three or four games… “Our RMC comrades questioned Marco Verratti, probably thinking he was just going to confirm what the former Manchester United said. The Italy international actually went further, claiming to have fallen victim to Mr Kuipers’ outrageous words as well. “Did the referee insult Paredes? Not just him. Me too, promises the “little Owl”. He told me “fuck you” twice. I never said that. If I say that, I take 10 matches! And them, they allow themselves … I talk to the referees a lot, but I never said “fuck you”. “

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The native of Pescara specifies that “it is not the fault of the referee” if Paris Saint-Germain saw the doors of the final of the “Champions” closed in their face, a year after their epic in Lisbon Final 8. Same story with “Leo”: “After that, I do not put elimination on the question of refereeing. But there were a lot of situations that were not very well managed… ”. Recall that the PSG finished at ten, as on the first leg, after the (logical) expulsion of Angel Di Maria.

Björn Kuipers is however a referenced and experienced referee. On the whistle for his 60th Champions League game on Tuesday in northern England, he will be celebrating at the next European Nations Championship (11 June-11 July). And the most superstitious will have noted that he has often officiated in matches that have smiled at Paris Saint-Germain, such as the 2-2 at Chelsea in 2015, the 1-1 in Naples in 2018, the 3- win. 0 in the semi-finals against Leipzig last season in Lisbon or even the cardboard in Barcelona (1-4) last February. On April 10, 2013, he refereed the return quarterback at Camp Nou, a 1-1 draw synonymous with elimination for Laurent Blanc’s players, despite Javier Pastore’s goal.

Still, this story will have to be clarified. At a press conference, Mauricio Pochettino did not want to add fuel to the fire. “You have to believe Marco and Ander, but we are not in the final … I didn’t hear anything,” the Argentinian technician promised. But if the referee has said anything, an investigation must be carried out. That’s not an excuse. The most important thing is that we are not in the final, and we are very sad. Maybe we need to talk to UEFA… “It will probably be done.