The Disney animated film, Frozen got a sequel, still starring Elsa and Anna. While fans are hoping for Frozen 3, several characters in the films make reference to Hans Christian Andersen’s tale, from which Frozen is adapted. Prince Hans thus has the writer’s first name, Kristoff is a first name derived from the novelist’s middle name, and Anna contains the first two letters of Andersen’s last name. Note that Disney’s The Little Mermaid was also inspired by a tale by Hans Christian Andersen.

As you probably know, the Frozen project dates back a long time for Disney Studios (since the early 2000s). Initially, the title was to be The Snow Queen in the original version, like the title of Andersen’s tale. But finally, the title of the original version was changed to Frozen (“frozen” in French), while that of the French version remained the same.

Mickey makes an appearance in Frozen, but another Disney star also appears in the first film. This is Rapunzel. At first, just before Elsa’s coronation ceremony, when Princess Anna meets guests from the kingdom, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider can be seen among Arendelle’s guests.

While Elsa’s voice changes between the first and second installments of Frozen, Olaf keeps the same voice (in French) in the 2 animated films: that of Dany Boon. Yes, the actor and director of Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis, Nothing to declare, Supercondriaque or even La Ch’tite Famille lends his voice to the snowman in the French version. He has also notably dubbed Horton in Horton, Migou in Mia and the Migou, Samy in Le Voyage extraordinaire de Samy and Frankie in Gang de requins.

This is the very first time at Disney, since the first animated feature film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (in 1937), that a woman has directed an animated film. Jennifer Lee is the co-director of Frozen, along with Chris Buck. She handled all part of story development and casting and let her co-director take care of the animation.