The left was divided in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, its representatives will face each other in the second round. It is the candidate invested by the Socialist Party, Lamia El Aaraje, known to be close to the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, who arrives this Sunday evening at the head of the partial legislative open in the capital after the appointment of George Pau-Langevin to the post Assistant to the Defender of Rights. It obtains 25.66% of the votes. The socialist will face the LFI candidate Danielle Simonnet, councilor of Paris and elected from the 20th arrondissement to mayor. The second round should be played on the possible rallies which will come from the ecological candidate Antoinette Gühl (fourth with more than 18% of the votes this evening) and the Communists. In third place, candidate LR François-Marie Didier told the Parisian to consider filing an appeal, due to the presence of a ballot in the polling stations which usurped the nomination of En Marche.

These alliance games are all the more important as the 15th district of Paris is the only one kept in the capital by the Socialist Party. Conversely, rebellious France can now hope to welcome an 18th deputy to the National Assembly. In the absence of LREM and RN candidates, the Republicans could hope to snatch a presence in the second round. They did not succeed.

Direction the 6th district of Pas-de-Calais, where the seat of deputy was put to the vote this Sunday after the resignation of Ludovic Loquet from his mandate as deputy, last September. He was the deputy to Brigitte Bourguignon, appointed to the government last July as Minister Delegate in charge of Autonomy. The latter, which represented itself under the colors of the Republic on the march, came first this Sunday evening with 34.95% of the vote, a comfortable advance over the candidate of the National Rally Marie-Christine Bourgeois (24.02%) . Faustine Maliar (LR) with 19.2% and PS Bastien Marguerite-Garin 12.91% follow in third and fourth position.

This result was closely scrutinized, right up to the top of the state. A few weeks before the regional elections, which promise to be lively in Hauts-de-France, today’s poll looked like a dress rehearsal, as the presidential party placed one of its ministers on the starting line. Proof of the interest shown in this first round. The President of the Republic himself called Brigitte Bourguignon after the publication of the partial results, reports La Voix du Nord. The candidate missed the phone call.

The final results came very late at night in the Oise. The victory of Victor Habert-Dassault, the nephew of Olivier Dassault who died in a helicopter crash last March, which was hardly in doubt, has been widely confirmed. With 58.44% of the votes cast, the LR candidate is ahead of Claire Marais-Breuil (RN), who gathered 15.27% of the votes, and Roxane Lundy (PS), only 12.31%.

Despite his landslide victory, Victor Habert-Dassault will have to confirm his victory in the second round next Sunday, due to the very low participation, which stood at 26.41%. In order not to have to stand for the second round, a candidate must indeed obtain 50% of the votes cast, representing at least 25% of those registered on the electoral lists. However, the LR score represents only about 15% of those registered. He will therefore have to face RN Claire Marais-Beuil, who had already been beaten in 2017.

The results of the evening constitute a heavy defeat for the left, led by Roxane Lundy and which presented itself under a unitary banner. A unitary banner that did not prevent the formation of dissident candidates, embodied by her former running mate Axelle Latrasse and the candidacy of Lutte Ouvrière member Renée Potchtovik.

Last seat in contention this Sunday evening: that of the third constituency of Indre-et-Loire. Outgoing deputy Sophie Auconie, who had stolen the seat of deputy from the socialist Marisol Touraine in 2017, had to resign last February for health reasons. Sophie Métadier, invested by the UDI and supported by the Republic en Marche and Les Républicains, is largely ahead tonight. She obtained a very comfortable score of 45.02% in the first round. Next week, she will face the various left candidate Murielle Riolet (20.12%).

With such a score, the UDI can hope to claim a fine victory, in a constituency broken with the rule of alternation. The decade-long stranglehold of Marisol Touraine was indeed an exception in Indre-et-Loire.