According to a study, it is not in France that women take the most pleasure … But whose fault is it?

Has the pandemic affected the sex life of French women? As revealed by a recent study conducted by Ifop for The Poken Company, it is in France that women are the least sexually fulfilled. If we refer to the figures, this equates to 35%, which is much more than among our European neighbors, such as the United Kingdom (27%) or Germany (23%). But how is this explained? Would the French be too demanding or their partners very bad shots? According to François Kraus, director of this research, there are several factors to take into account. Starting with “cultural elements”, such as “the injunction to performance”, which “encourages practices that are not the most fulfilling – but especially a plurality of factors (high consumption of antidepressants, high unemployment, stress related to professional life, confinement conditions …) which prove to be unfavorable to this development “.

And it does not stop there, the director of the political / current affairs pole of Ifop, also points to changes in the sexual practices of French and European women in general. The latter seem less and less eager to “mark a form of symbolic submission to their male partner”. According to François Kraus, this must be seen as a link with the effects of the #Metoo movement, which encouraged female emancipation.

The craze for certain “sex games” has therefore clearly diminished: “this is particularly the case with facial practices popularized by porn movies for about fifteen years”, it is specified in the report, which also mentions the ” crossed out “or even” the ingestion of sperm after a fellatio “. It would even seem that we are witnessing a reversal in the relations of domination, since the tendency to prostatic pleasure in heterosexual men is on the rise. “The data from this study shows that while heterosexual intimate relationships remain dominated by a gender polarity, ‘fickleness’ is now a more common situation than mainstream pornography shows, for example,” we read. And that’s pretty good news!

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