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Roger Federer (8) will meet Denis Istomin in the first round of the French Open 2021 on Monday, May 31, 2021. </ Will Denis Istomin come out here and beat one of the best players of all time from the start as he wants to cause the biggest surprise of his career, or will Roger Federer get some momentum after just one game in 2021 and one loss? 2 games?

Denis Istomin will be both very excited and nervous when he gets into the first round here at the French Open when he meets Roger Federer. Denis Istomin will want the biggest win of his career in the last 5 years since losing a bit of form. To do this, however, it has to be on a much higher level than in qualifying laps. Istomin was very strong in qualifying but can’t afford to play the way he did in qualifying as he’s now moving to the big leagues and facing one of the greatest of all time.

Roger Federer played 1 match on clay this year and lost it in 3 tight sets. However, I am sure that Roger will be a bit confident in his game at the French Open and that he can definitely still challenge in a best of 5 set match and find his way well into the first week. Roger will want to find his reach here and he will use this as a momentum and confidence picture tournament for Wimbledon next month. Will Roger get off to a good start?

This will be the 8th game between the two players, with Federer never losing to Istomin. Although Roger struggled with his form on his comeback from injury, I still believe Roger will get out of here to do his best in a Grand Slam format. These longer games allow people like Roger to stay in games even when things are going bad and they have more time to find solutions in their game to get the win. Roger has done this many times before and I’m sure he will be ready to beat Denis Istomin in a strong way and make his way to the second round of the 2021 French Open.

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