“Given my little notoriety, no one will want to run the risk of being deregistered from the order of doctors,” said the 77-year-old singer, imagining her last days.

We knew she was sick for years, almost unable to sing again, the latest news from Françoise Hardy is worrying. In an interview with Femme Actuelle, the former companion of Jacques Dutronc confided in her daily life disfigured by the cavum tumor which is eating her away. With disarming sincerity, the legendary singer said she felt “close to the end”.

In her words, the X-rays and immunotherapy she had to take to treat her cancer “had nightmarish side effects.” They “rotten my life for two years and weaken me more and more because of the absence of saliva, the lack of irrigation of the entire ENT area, a generalized drying out and nasal bleeding, respiratory distress and other problems that follow. Thyroid dysfunction has also occurred. As for the ear, with the eardrum and the secretions from the severe otitis media thickened by the rays, it has become deaf “, she pruns, claiming to take” 5 hours a day “to prepare and swallow her food,” always the same “.

In April, Françoise Hardy was positioned in favor of euthanasia during an intervention on franceinfo. “When someone is incurable, it is inhumane not to shorten their suffering”, she explained. Words she repeats today. “Suffering from Charcot’s disease, my mother was very lucky that her doctor found her a hospital doctor who euthanized her with my collaboration when she could not go further in this horrible Incurable disease. As far as I’m concerned, I would like to have this chance, but given my little notoriety, no one will want to run the risk of being removed from the order of physicians even more », she explained.

Her son, Thomas, “is very respectful and understanding on this front”, she says, while her Jacques Dutronc, to whom she remains close despite their separation, does not want she “suffers in an inhuman way because of the series of too heavy treatments and of age”. Finally, the former idol of the Salut les copains generation has also announced that she will not be seen in public again. It’s “definitely behind me,” she said.

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Mistinguett, It is now possible to make known his advance directives at the end of his life. As she does in a public way, her doctors know about it, as well as those close to her. When the time is right, she should be able to be helped without any problem. In the immediate future, we can only wish him not to suffer more and to try to capture happy moments. She has always been very direct and uncommonly frank. Not a diplomat, but often funny. I saw recently on LCP a great document of Rembob’Ina: a film about young Françoise Hardy, a little over 20 years old, with Udo Jurgens. Adorable!

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Cancer of the throat, palate and nose … you had to smoke in the 80s to be cool …. When do we put in jail the CEOs of the big tobacco companies, who knew that their products would kill millions of people?

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