PORTRAIT – The Bourse de Commerce, which opens to the public on Saturday 22 May in Paris, is his consecration. It is the image of this Breton businessman, an obstinate collector whom only artists are familiar with.

For months, François Pinault has been visiting his great work, the Bourse de Commerce, his Parisian museum which finally opens to the public on Saturday 22 May with 32 artists and more than 200 pieces, often sour, dark. For months, he has watched over the site like a child, getting involved in the whole and the detail, even if it means changing what was installed on the white walls. Confinement requires, the collector has made a number of very private visits, from architect Jean Nouvel to artists Anne Imhof and Adel Abdessemed. Wearing a mask hides his winner’s smile, brings out his blue eyes and Breton melancholy.

 € œI have never had a maintenance course! I had to compensate with an acuity of gaze, attention, listening. It was a constant effort. This faculty is perhaps the advantage of those who do not come out of the bourgeoisie and have not studied (â ?? ¦). At the different stages of my life, I have always had to adapt to new constraints, including constraints

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the 05/17/2021 at 9:39 AM

I have already analyzed it in another article.There are 2 things in this place:. Delustation and cunning .. Cunning first. I would have liked the figaro to grow further. organization of the device. It is above all not a museum but a gallery to serve the marketing (“Arketing” here) of its two holdings. .An instrument for promoting and de-taxing its luxury business plan. We are not in the paradigm of the collector who defends art. Do not fall into the trap of a private visit or the social seduction hides the real action plan (Aillagon always on the maneuver to direct funds or public partnerships towards the action of private operations es) .. Cartier / Vuitton / Pinault .. same fight on their fundamentals .. The delusion: magnificent architectural gesture. A jewel. Genius in the resonance of the old in wood and the contemporary in smooth concrete. Bravo to the architect who made a case in the luxury grocery store of Monsieur Pinault.

the 05/17/2021 at 07:52

I am waiting to have visited the foundation to pronounce myself. The intention of an art foundation is excellent, and the ego a motor without which nothing would happen in matters of culture. But the visit of the life of Pinault, simple billionaire, interests me little, sorry.

the 05/17/2021 at 05:45

Very beautiful achievement, a real shame that the works of art are so mediocre, we have such beautiful ones in our beautiful country, time will speak for them.

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