François Mitterrand: Infidelities, illness, hidden paternity … The craziest secrets of the French President!

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François Mitterrand was a very secretive man. André Rousselet, the friend, life companion and confidant of the President has published an unpublished portrait of the latter. Between infidelity, hidden paternity, and illness … the author was spoiled for choice to provide his future readers with a portrait rich in twists and turns.

First and greatest secret in the life of the President of the Republic. When she was only 14 years old, Anne Pingeot met François Mitterrand in Hossegor. She falls under the spell. Then friend of his father, the head of state takes the time to play golf, while falling in love with the young woman … She is 20 years old, when he begins to court her. Two years of long distance relationship to seduce each other, while the former President is married to Danielle. A hidden and passionate relationship, “But in the end, I blamed him for his too beautiful letters. Because I thought it was… life would have been better. I obviously tried to leave him. A lot. These letters. are obviously a reflection of the essays. But no one could be that interesting. No one was that fascinating. It’s so important never to be bored. It’s still wonderful to love someone that we admire. He always thought that I was Mr. Seguin’s goat: I fought all night, but that in the morning… I was eaten. “. Yet this relationship also brought the most beautiful of gifts to Anne Pingeot, a daughter, Mazarine. That François Mitterrand wanted to hide for years.

He was walking with difficulty in the corridors of the Élysée, with an unbearable back pain … But François Mitterrand does not want to know. Such is life. Unfortunately, very quickly, the fatigue, exhaustion and physical decline of the latter intensified. No more words left his mouth, during a trip to Egypt, a memory of the author André Rousselet, the Head of State was absent, empty, but all the same “surprising by his presence of mind” . On January 7, 1996, François Mitterrand is about to give his last breath, “The day before his death, I went to see him … Understanding that it was probably the last time, and then having no indication of the wishes Whether or not his will about burial contained, I asked him, as delicately as possible, where he wanted to rest. It was Jarnac. Where he was born. ” recalls the author, and friend of President.

Despite his diminished condition, François Mitterrand still wanted to be seductive: “The presence, the passage of a pretty woman in his field of vision animated his gaze for a moment. It was very touching. There was part of the game, the eternal temptation to “court” – when he was barely able to stand up – the game of life which continues and begins again, because in fact, in this stay, he had no eyes. and probably only thoughts for one person, his daughter, for Mazarine. “

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