Adrien Rabiot speaks for the first time about the extra-sporting episode that marked Euro 2021 for the French team. After the elimination of the Blues in the round of 16 against Switzerland, a verbal altercation had broken out between several circles of players, each time involving Veronique Rabiot, the same re of the Juventus player.

Veronique Rabiot had asked Kylian Mbappé’s father to reframe his son, so that he would be less arrogant. An incident had also broken out between Rabiot’s mother and Paul Pogba’s entourage. Trade was tense following Switzerland’s third goal, which came after a loss of the ball from the Manchester United midfielder. Veronique Rabiot did not hide her incomprehension about this action.

Asked about this episode this Sunday by the TV show on TF1, Adrien Rabiot gave his version. “There wasn’t anything going on in the stands. It was a little surprising to hear all of that. I spoke with her, I believe her,” said the midfielder. When she tells me that nothing happened in the stands, it’s the truth. Pictures of excitement, it can happen but who knows what it is said to himself? “

As to whether this verbal clash could have had consequences within the group, Adrien Rabiot assures us that there is no problem. “I didn’t discuss it with Mbappé or Pogba, there was nothing on their side or mine so there was no need to talk about anything”, he said. he indicated. In the absence of Mbappé, who left for Paris after the match against Bosnia-Herzegovina, Paul Pogba and Adrien Rabiot were both starting during the trip against Ukraine this Saturday ( 1-1), where the Blues again conceded a draw in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.