Sport Equipe de France LIVE: Didier Deschamps reveals his first post-Euro 2021 list at 2 p.m.

LIVE Follow the press conference of the Blues coach with us

Posted on 08/26/21 1:05 PM
– Updated 08/26/21 at 2:10 p.m.

13h50: Come on, it’s time to warm up the tires while waiting for Didier to arrive in ten minutes. In general, he is rather punctual.

We leave you with a little reading while waiting for DD to speak. Signed this good old Nicolas Stival and embellished with some well-felt valves.

Yo the footix! After a month and a half break, the France team is back. Finally for the moment, only Didier Deschamps, of whom we expect a lot from the first post-Euro 2021 list. And, three months after the return of Karim Benzema, our eyes will be on the line of attack, where Olivier’s place Giroud appears threatened in light of the manager’s recent statements in L’Equipe. We will also be attentive to the choices of DD in defense, especially after a competition marked by an unusual friability. And what about surprises? The start of the season coupled with the entry into a new cycle for the 2022 World Cup gives us hope for one or two small originalities in the Deschamps group.

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