Didier Deschamps scanned many subjects in the Top of The Foot program on RMC, to be found this Monday from 6 p.m. Even those a little less in relation to the field. The selector was invited to give his opinion on Youssoupha’s song, “write my name in blue, shout my name in blue” accompanying the announcement of the list of 26 players selected. for the Euro. Some politicians, especially from the extreme right, have criticized him. Even Noà «l Le Graë t, president of the French Football Federation (FFF), has distanced himself from the song.

“Youssoupha is a good rapper who, like others, may have had inappropriate lyrics, the leader told Parisien last week. I think we shouldn’t have. do and let the list be disclosed as usual, without communication. It was our young employees in the sales department who had this idea to accompany the unveiling of the list of 26 Blues. Personally, I found it out. “

Deschamps does not share the tastes of his president and is very careful not to get into the controversy.

Relaunched on the track, Deschamps is especially offended that everything is today a premise for discussion or controversy. Is he outraged by the speech of certain politicians around the song? “Today, there are debates everywhere, he says, tired. When it does not concern me, when I do not know, I shut up. not talking about something like vaccines today. You tell me about situations I donâ € ™ t know the ins and outs of. I am not the only one doing this but there are many do the opposite. “

“Today, all the decisions (are discussed, editor’s note), even mine, I can take X rather than Y and they will talk to me about Y that I don’t have not taken, he concludes. You ask me, I give you my opinion, I find it (Youssoupha’s song) well, I listened to it. Afterwards, who, how, why , I don’t get into these debates. “

Ref: https://rmcsport.bfmtv.com