Miraculous victory for the Blues who win at the very end of the match, after a second completely crazy period! Captain of the French team, Andrà © -Pierre Gignac signed a major performance (3 goals, 1 decisive assist). With 3 points, the Blues remain alive before the last day.

Fleurs was alone a few meters from the empty French goal but expelled his recovery in the stands! What a success for the Blues!

And the Blues pass in front, incredible! Magnificent left foot strike from Montpellià © rain at the entry of the surface on a center set back from … Gignac, of course!

New corner for the Blues, the 9th of the match. Savanier finds Gignac’s head, this time not powerful enough to deceive Williams again.

A few more minutes of play in this decidedly broken-up part which can still practically eliminate one of two teams in the event of a defeat!

The coolness of Gignac who finds the skylight on his penalty! The Blues come back to score for the third time in the match, 3-3, what a match!

Mokoena’s missile to give the Bafana Bafana an advantage again! Bernardoni can not do anything immediately with this strike which hits the crossbar before returning. The France team will have to at least snatch the equalizer to continue to believe in the quarter-finals.

Gignac’s header for the 2-2! Michelin overflows on the right side and addresses a cross for the captain of the Blues who shoots Williams! The scenario repeats itself less than a quarter of an hour from the end of the match.

The France team is very close to elimination with this goal from Makgopa! The South African center-forward cuts Kodisang’s cross perfectly at the near post, who still had fun with Nkounkou.

New dangerous offensive for Bafana Bafana but the French goalkeeper comes out very well to end the occasion. The blue defense is still not very reassuring …

Sylvain Ripoll makes a double change: Thauvin and Tousart are replaced by Nordin and Beka Beka for the last 20 minutes of play.

The French midfielder receives a yellow card for a hand in the neck of newcomer Mahlatsi. South Africa will be able to benefit from a good free kick.

The French midfielder takes the ball from the head but involuntarily hits the South African in passing, who remains on the ground. Meanwhile, the Bafana Bafana make their first change: Mahlatsi replaces Ngcobo.

Holder for the first time in these Games, Mbuku gives way to Le FÃ © e for the first change of the match and the last half hour of play.

TO?? each possession, South Africa manages to approach the French goal and escape the vigilance of the defenders. But the Blues remain threatening, like their captain … The next goal could weigh very heavily.

The captain of the Blues rings the revolt! Superb work by Kolo Muani on the left to offer caviar back for Gignac who scores his second goal of the competition, 1-1!

What incomprehension between Michelin and Bernardoni to offer Kosidang the opener! The two players do not speak to each other and the Lensois defender loses the ball while his goalkeeper was out! The South African striker scores in the empty goal.

Unwittingly, Florian Thauvin walks on the leg of his vis à vis which is treated by the healers after his slipped tackle. The match can resume quickly and without consequence.

The two players of the Tigers take turns trying their luck and manage to frame their shot, but without great danger for Williams.

Makgopa tries his luck again outside the box. It’s off target, but Bernardoni was once again abandoned by his defense.

Big intervention by Mohamme on the striker month, who takes a few seconds to get up. No card or fault to report.

The France team has 45 minutes left to react and stay alive in these Olympic Games, come on! No change to report, neither on one side nor the other.

After a last curled attempt by Kosidang and captured by Bernardoni, the referee sends the two teams back to the locker room! 0-0 between France and South Africa and it’s a small miracle for the Blues, saved twice by its amounts! The Bafana Bafana notably missed a penalty.

What a success for the Blues with this penalty from Singh sent to the crossbar of Bernardoni, who started on the safe side!

The sole of Tousart in the surface will offer a goal ball to Bafana Bafana!

The two teams have surrendered in quick succession since the start of the meeting, with highlights on both sides. Still no goal but a lot of chances and spaces left in the defense.

Discreet from the kick-off, Kolo Muani is receiving a cross from Thauvin at the far post. His flat foot is on the opposing goalkeeper but he was in an offside position anyway. Things are a little better for the Blues.

Andrà © -Pierre Gignac takes a free kick at the right angle of the box. It’s on target but too much on Williams, who grabs the ball without difficulty.

Superb pass from Thauvin to his new partner Gignac who erases the goalkeeper before slipping the ball into the South African goal! But the French captain is signaled in an offside position, and rightly so.

Ngcobo forces his attempt from the left, which this time flies over the French goal. In the process, it’s Singh who misses the frame. The Blues will have to react before the break.

New heat on the goal of Bernardoni, who again saves the Blues with a very precious save! The France team is in the rough!

The Angevin goalkeeper was beaten on this sudden attempt by Makgopa, well served at the entry of the box! What heat on the French goal!

After a start to the match clearly to the advantage of the Blues, the meeting was balanced, with a South Africa who manages more and more to combine and the Blues who are less well.

Error of appreciation of the Everton side, who scoops a yellow and above all offers a new opportunity to South Africa. The air balloon flew into the box without the Bafana Bafana being able to catch it.

Much behind Michelin, Mokoena receives a first logical yellow card. The Lensois side manages to get up without too much damage.

What an intervention of the tricolor goalkeeper! The very good South African free kick about 20 meters from the goal took the direction of the skylight without the superb take-off from Bernardoni.

From a very closed angle, the captain of the Blues tries his hand at a volley on the flat foot. It was very difficult to execute, and safe for the Bafana Bafana.

Despite some spaces left to South Africa in their last 30 meters, the Blues have started their meeting very well, more focused, motivated and diligent than against Mexico, for the moment.

First corner of the match for the French team, obtained by Michelin. Savanier takes care of it, and sends a ball to Thauvin at the entrance to the surface. The former Marseille player tries a good volley, blocked, which ends at the foot of the right post. The second corner gives nothing.

Very good start to the Blues game. TÃ © ji Savanier tried his luck directly with a free kick from 35 meters in the middle. His floating attempt is captured in two stages by the opposing goalkeeper.

TO?? Receiving a long ball from Savanier, Gignac succeeded in a back-to-goal control sequence in the half volley, which flies over the South African goal.

Announced as torchbearer, Florian Thauvin finally positions himself in number 10, behind his former OM teammate Andrà © -Pierre Gignac.

The Blues kick off the meeting, with the obligation to leave with the victory to still believe in their qualification! Have a good match!

The 22 actors entered the lawn, and the Marseillaise now resounds in the enclosure, obviously behind closed doors. Saitama start to the match imminent!

As against Mexico, the Blues will play in strong heat. 31 ° C are announced in the stadium of Saitama, with a humidity level of 65%.

For the first time, this French Olympic team will evolve in blue while the captain’s armband will still be worn by Andrà © -Pierre Gignac. Kick-off in less than 10 minutes.

A few days before the start of the competition, the South African team had been affected by three cases of coronavirus, both players and staff, and forced the whole group to leave. isolate temporarily.

The SCO encourages Paul Bernardoni, once again holder in the goal of the Blues, before this second capital meeting. The 24-year-old wasn’t particularly helped by his defense against Mexico.

TO?? the outcome of the slap received by Mexico when entering the competition, the captain of the Blues Andrà © -Pierre Gignac was particularly disappointed u the performance of his family, calling for a reaction.

“We have to go get this qualifying, we have no choice, launched the Tigers scorer. We know the ingredients we need for the next match. (… ) I hope everyone will get up to speed because we don’t want to go back to France after the third game. “

With the announced presence of Kolo Muani in the right lane of the attack, Florian Thauvin comes down a notch and will evolve alongside Tousart and Savanier. In defense, Anthony Caci, trade left side, is moved to the center line.

Defects of entry by Mexico (4-1), the France team finds itself last in group A, ahead of the difference by South Africa, who lost to Japan (1-0). Another setback would most likely eliminate Sylvain Ripoll’s men before the last game against host country on Wednesday.

Three changes in the eleven of the Blues: Sagnan, Le FÃ © e and Nordin come out of the eleven aligned against Mexico, replaced by Kalulu, Mbuku and Kolo Muani.

Welcome to RMC Sport to live live the second meeting of the French team at the Olympic Games, against South Africa, decisive for the rest of the competition. Kicks off at 10 a.m. (5 p.m. locally) in Saitama.

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