Here is the world champion of cheese makers. Virginie Dubois-Dhorne won the gold medal, reward for meticulous work to sublimate dozens of cheeses. For this world final, nine professional cheese makers compete. Among them are Virginie, but also Grégory Giraudon, as concentrated as for a sports competition. They are judged on their knowledge and skills. Cut a 250 gram piece of cheese without weighing it, tasting four different products blindly.

This competition is a quest for excellence: management of time and pressure. Virginie knows that stress can make all the difference. To prepare individual plates of cheese preparations, the candidates compete for originality. In the stands, Grégory has his most loyal supporters. For two hours, he focuses on the composition of his tray. For her part, Virginie is fine-tuning the smallest details, under the watchful eye of her already confident coach.

LIVE – Bad weather: red alert lifted in the Gard, the A9 motorway cut, transport stopped

“Inadmissible!” : the anger of the inhabitants of Guéret at the explosion of more than 900% of their property tax

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