Go for the Swiss Nati in Bucharest Monday: at the end of a strange game concluded in a draw (2-2) against the Portuguese Seleçao and that the referee of the meeting will have sagouinà © in both directions, the Blues finished at the head of a group F which passed on a breath to make a mark victim, the German Mannschaft, saved by a goal from Leon Gorezka a few minutes away of the term (2-2 also) against Hungarians who should have been seen as footballers rather than patriots instrumentalized by their leaders. It is clear that Raphaël Varane and his family have suffered less since the start of the competition. However, the least we can say is that there is still some way to go, even if Karim Benzema’s double this Wednesday will pull him out of the cyclone’s eye where he is. he had been locked up for a few days.

On Wednesday, the coach Didier Deschamps came out on the bench. Supposedly on the right, Antoine Griezmann had zoned against the Hungarian selection on Saturday, bringing a cohort of Magyar defenders in the axis on a Karim Benzema who would have gladly done without. While leaving the right-back, Benjamin Pavard, to a loneliness that had led the Munich player to swallow more kilometers during the first eighty minutes than any other French player. So: I leave Kylian Mbappé on the left because he no longer wants to hear from the right flank, I put Griezmann in the axis where he will go whatever I ask him, I move him back on the ground because he likes to defend (and organize, therefore touch the ball) while giving Benzema a little air, I throw Corentin Tolisso on the right because he has to one to take that damn right side up and look like a plasterer-mason. I multiply by the number of high-intensity races of Nâ ???? Golo Kantà ©, I index on the course of the Hungarian forint (which is not going strong), I divide by the tidal coefficientâ ?? ¦

â ?? ¦and I wait to see. What we saw right away is Portuguese mastery. Difficult to objectify: this mastery is a feeling, that of greater security on each movement but also on the general conduct of the match, as if Josà © Mourinho and consort were breathing the started in a more just, deeper way. In the 13th minute, a huge clamor rose from the ground, raising everything in its path: in Munich, the Hungarians opened the scoring ahead of the Germans.

So it also happens hundreds of kilometers away. The French players run smoothly because they have known they have qualified for two days and, to be honest, we have the impression that the Blues are out of time, elsewhere, next to ©. Hugo Lloris also suddenly, who puts his fist in the mouth of Danilo on an aerial exit (yellow for the tricolor goalkeeper, it could be worse) and dives precipitately on the penalty which follows, easily transformed by Cristiano Ronaldo (0-1, 31st). Dominated, the Blues will seek the devil’s share: Mbappà © s collapses like a trickster in the area after an insignificant contact with the arm of the Portuguese Nelson Semedo and the Spanish referee Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz whistles the mazurka, like a hand extended beyond the Pyrenees and the borders which, never, should separate men. Benzema sticks (1-1, 45th 2), parity with lemons.

At the limit of the steaming blow, the Blues will blow the bank down when they return from the locker room. Paul Pogba releases his first ball in the timing of the evening and Benzema, again, will win his face to face with Portuguese goalkeeper Rui Patricio (2-1, 47th). The Blues have done nothing better than their opponents but they are in control. Perhaps tapped by his conscience, Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz will take them from their hands by whistling an involuntary hand â ???? remember that the intention is constitutive of the penalty according to the law 12 â ???? poor Jules Koundé, a first tenure on Wednesday. Again Cristiano Ronaldo (2-2, 60th) at the penalty, and the lingering impression of seeing a referee doing his circus to the detriment of the players settles in the scorching air. »Lant (30Â ° C) where all these beautiful people bathe.

Deschamps then reassembles his machine: no less than three players to succeed one another at the left-back position (Lucas Hernandez left at the break, Luca Digne injured then Adrien Rabiot), Kingsley Coman replaces Tolisso who will have finally spent his time in the axis and then a form of chaos sets in, punctuated by a vibrant audience to the rhythm of a match unfolding rolling elsewhere, the Blues regain the upper hand, imperceptibly at first, more clearly afterwards, as if they were better in letting go or what? they had started their match late. There will undoubtedly be things to be cleared up before Monday.

Ref: https://www.liberation.fr