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More than 12,000 foreign workers who worked in France during the coronavirus pandemic are rewarded with French citizenship.

French Citizenship Minister Marlène Schiappa announced the move on Thursday in Paris, saying: “These workers responded to the nation in their moment of need, so it is normal for the nation to respond to them in turn”.

Schiappa continued to thank the key workers for their hard work on behalf of the Republic.

Among the 12,000 people to be granted citizenship are medical professionals, cleaners, cashiers, childcare workers and many other professions that are entitled to Could not be exercised at home.

Last year the government reduced the French residence requirement from five to two years, which means that applicants only need to have lived in the country for two years. The application process has also been shortened. Last year around 61,000 foreign residents were granted citizenship, 20% less than in the previous year.

Ref: https://today.rtl.lu