At 3 weeks from the end of the year, a first assessment of the temperatures observed in France therefore shows a surplus of around 1.6 ° C. With a month of December envisaged quite close to normal (0.5 ° C), this year 2020 would end with a surplus of 1.5 ° C, which would place this year in 1st place among the hottest years, ahead of 2018 (1.4 ° C) and 2014 (1.2 ° C). These years are held in a pocket handkerchief and the results of the month of December will be decisive for the final ranking.

We will remember the particularly mild month of February with an excess of 3.6 ° C, the 2nd hottest February month since 1900. February 16 is already summer at the foot of the Pyrenees with a temperature that climbs to 28.3 ° C in Oloron-Saint-Marie (64)! Winter 2019-2020 is also the hottest winter on record since the beginning of the 20th century with a temperature excess of 2.7 ° C, placing it ahead of winters 2015-2016 (2.6 ° C). ) and 1989-1990 (2.0 ° C).

Spring 2020 comes in 2nd place for the hottest springs with a surplus of 1.7 ° C. It is placed behind the spring of 2011 when the excess temperature had reached 2.0 ° C. The month of April was particularly hot with an excess of 3 ° C compared to normal, in 3rd place of the hottest months of April behind 2007 (3.6 ° C) and 2011 (3.3 ° C) ).

Summer only ranks 7th among the hottest summers due to the first part of the summer season with moderate temperatures. We will nevertheless remember the heat wave period that affected France from August 6 to 13. This episode was particularly remarkable in the north of the country with monthly records broken in Lille (37.1 ° C) and Nantes (39.6 ° C). In the Paris region, the thermometer climbs to 39.1 ° C in Paris and 40.4 ° C in Saint-Maur (94). Absolute records of nighttime mildness were broken in many cities in the north and east such as Boulogne-sur-mer (62) where the temperature did not drop below 25.2 ° C on the night of August 8! / p>

The month of November ranks among the mildest months of November observed in France, with a temperature excess of close to 2 ° C over the entire month. On November 18, for example, a temperature of 25.4 ° C was observed in Cambo-les Bains (64), at the foot of the Pyrenees..

As for the month of December which begins, temperatures have dropped to reach seasonal averages, temporarily a little lower. This period “of season” could characterize the first ten days of the month but would not be representative of the whole of the month.. If, in the end, December presents an anomaly of 0.5 ° C in the hexagon, the year 2020 would therefore be the hottest.

The planet had a remarkably warm year 2020. The colder areas were mainly concentrated in the southern hemisphere, especially in Antarctica, while the northern hemisphere experienced remarkable warm anomalies especially over the Arctic polar zone.. As a result, the year 2020 is also likely to rank among the 3 hottest ever recorded with 2016 and 2019.. We can therefore see that the hottest years can be observed in this decade 2011 – 2020 at the planetary level.. According to the WMO (World Meteorological Organization), these 3 years (2020, 2016 and 2019) will be held in a pocket square, and, just like for France, the month of December will be decisive to finalize the ranking.. In view of the current anomalies, it is very likely that the year 2020 will be in 1st or 2nd position.

After a fairly calm weather in the first part of the week, the weather conditions will deteriorate markedly from this Thursday under the influence of a very deep depression coming to settle over England. France will therefore be directly under its influence with rains, showers, wind and snowfall at low altitude in the mountains..

Every Thursday, the 4-week weather trend is updated. The latter presents the most likely weather scenario for the next four weeks, until the New Year’s long weekend 2021.. This trend therefore includes the two weeks of the Christmas school holidays..

Each month, La Chaîne Météo looks at the main climatic characteristics that prevail at this time of the year in France. December marks the first month of winter, coinciding with the solstice and the shortest days of the year. It is also the month of the first real cold spells of the season. Focus on what can await you during this month in France.

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