Sophie Marceau does not seem to have mastered time, which keeps this face scandalously fresh. And yet, due to her changes in appearance and roles, she has changed physically without ever losing her charming smile.. . In The Boom, the movie that revealed her at the age of 13, she is Vic, a young girl struggling with the first love problems. His mischievous gaze and pouting pout conquer millions of French people. At 19, she went on tour with Pialat and Zulawski, her future companion. For Police by Maurice Pialat she adopts a boyish cut with curls and shows an innocent air that contrasts with the harshness of the film.

In the 1990s she began directing costume films such as La Fille de d’Artagnan, Anna Karenine, Marquise and Braveheart alongside Mel Gibson.. Long hair and Amazon look, she challenges James Bond. She will never die tomorrow. When she switched to directing, she completely changed her style: in La disparue de Deauville, she opted for a strict bob à la Louise Brooks. . . It will only be a roll’s time as over the past few years she seems to have forgotten about the hair extension and sticks to a classic style. . In 2018, we found her behind and in front of the camera for Mrs. . Mills, such a perfect neighbor, a comedy in which she gave the answer to Pierre Richard.

In 2020, we were talking about Sophie Marceau in music. She is one of the featured voices of “Days of Glory”, (. . . )

Sol (channel): Chantal Lauby’s unexpected reaction to the discovery of the film, Pierre Niney shares an ADORABLE photo of him as a child and he has (almost) not changed! “Nine years together is a life”, Pierre Lescure’s confidence in his love affair with Catherine Deneuve. Here are the unreleased films from 26. December to 1. Televised on free channels Mads Mikkelsen: How has it been since Johnny Depp’s announcement of his replacement in Fantastic Beasts 3? (VIDEO)

PHOTOS. To immortalize the Christmas holidays, the Monegasque royal family posed together in front of a sublime Christmas tree. Princess Charlene of Monaco uploaded the adorable photo to Instagram.

Camille Combal was this Saturday 26. December, back on TF1 for a very special evening called La Grande Incruste. Unfortunately for the moderator, many Internet users were not seduced by its many overlays . . .

During this holiday season, Amandine Petit offered her Instagram followers a glimpse of her family. Indeed, she posted a video of her dancing with her parents Jean-Luc and Nathalie and her sister Pauline on the Feliz Navidad route by José Feliciano.

Édouard Philippe has many projects in mind. Not only did he write his new book and prepare a series of his lessons at Matignon, but he also considered a new retraining, namely to become a teacher.. . .

France Télévisions presenter Daphné Bürki announced her split from actor Gunther Love on social media. That year she spent Christmas with her parents and sisters.

These new images of the bomb that hit downtown Nashville on Christmas Day show the moment the RV exploded. Over the weekend, new details were revealed about the 63-year-old man suspected of carrying out the attack.

Families are in the spotlight on the Monaco side. This Saturday 26. December, Princess Charlene shared tender loving photos to celebrate Christmas Day.

Before meeting Meghan Markle, Prince Harry was very close to Chelsy Davy, his girlfriend at the time. Only he finally parted ways with the prince after attending his older brother’s wedding.

Robbie Williams talks about his singing career and the Miss France pageant in an interview with Le Parisien. And he doesn’t crush his words . . .

When Melania Trump on Thursday 24. December, who answered children’s calls for their last Christmas party as first lady, worried a little girl, The Daily Mail tabloid reported.

Jonathann Daval, found guilty of murdering his wife Alexia, owes his victim’s family an astronomical sum. Amount which, according to the latest information from the Parisian, is controversial.

At the end of December, those close to Christophe Dominici unveiled the project which was close to his heart and which he could not carry out for lack of funds. The rugby player had drawn a line on this project fifteen days before his death.

PHOTO. This Thursday 24. December, Tina Kunakey would like to answer questions from her Instagram followers. The young mother shared a photo of herself with Deva Cassel, her husband’s daughter.

After a few weeks of waiting, France started on Sunday 27. December, his vaccination campaign against Covid-19. An event to which Laurent Delahousse reacted on his Twitter account.

While the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 begins this Sunday in France, the president of the College of the Haute Autorité de Santé declares that “all precautions have been taken”. .

FAMILY – The 39-year-old son was locked in the attic with no right to leave and with very little food

On Saturday two police officers were killed in &nbsp, the explosion of a &nbsp suction cup bomb, which had been placed for pick up in the center of the Afghan capital. .

After ten months of negotiations, hardly any post-Brexit trade deal has been found. But many unknowns remain, especially in the banking sector. The future of the city, until now European financial capital, will be played out in the coming months.

A fake news about a possible future in politics for one of Geneviève de Fontenay’s granddaughters has been broadcast on the Internet. Protective grandmother, the lady in the hat stepped on the plate.

Sarah Fraisou continues to impress the web. This Saturday 26. December, she posts a new photo in which she appears more and more skinny. However, some internet users accuse him of using a photo editing application..

News from around the world – FR – Sophie Marceau (Chouans! sur Arte): the actress has changed a lot since La Boum (PHOTOS))

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Sophie Marceau, The Party, Chouans !, Claude Brasseur, 1980

News – FR – World News – FR – Sophie Marceau (Chouans! Sur Arte): The actress has a lot changed since La Boum (PHOTOS) – CAMEROON MAGAZINE – CAMEROUN INFO – CAMEROUN ACTU
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