Emma and Ilona Smet received everything sparkling, modest and irresistible from Estelle Lefébure: their radiance, their joy and their professionalism. Portrait of a model family.

We are in a large photo studio in the south of Paris. Estelle Lefébure (54) and her daughters Ilona and Emma Smet (25 and 23) pose in front of Gilles Bensimon’s lens for the cover of ELLE. There is a relaxed and familiar atmosphere that is rare in fashion shoots. The two young women are tall, slim and have Scandinavian blond hair. They lovingly hold on to their mother as she stands haughty and radiant. A prince plays in the studio speakers. A scent of the sweetness of the world?

Stop recording and return to the boxes. The three women are sitting on a sofa and facing the interviewer. It would have been unthinkable not to invite Estelle to attend the 75th anniversary. Celebrate HER Birthday. Think about it: the top has made the cover of the magazine 41 times – a record! – since its creation in 1985. “I even think it was 43, corrects Estelle. Because I did it twice with my daughters when they were little. “Did you have the honor of doing a cover with us? “” The mocking spear, Ilona. There is an incredible bond between mother and her daughters. They don’t stop laughing and interrupting. One starts a sentence and the other ends it. Where does this closeness come from? “I’ve always tried to communicate with my kids and be attentive, even as a teenager, which isn’t necessarily the easiest time,” Estelle smiles.. . Never cut ties. This philosophy has paid off: this strictly scrutinized tribe creates a lot of harmony – and yet you don’t have to belong to a family whose members include celebrities like Johnny, Sylvie Vartan and David Hallyday or Laura Smet. . . Another reason justifies the good humor of the three women that day. “We haven’t seen each other for a long time and we are very happy to see each other again,” says Emma.. .

The latter is monopolized by her acting profession (in the series “Tomorrow is ours” on TF1). Ilona lives in Switzerland, where she works as a model and devotes herself to painting and photography. And Estelle paces between Normandy, the south and Paris. At the moment, she is rehearsing a piece with Philippe Lellouche and Patrick Chesnais, “The Invitation”. December should play in Paris. She also takes care of her youngest Giuliano (10) from her union with her ex-boyfriend Pascal Ramette. “During childbirth it was very difficult for me and for many parents. Although we called each other everyday I missed my daughters terribly. “When she gave birth to Ilona in 1995, the top, along with 90s models Naomi, Linda, Cindy or Claudia, were on top of the world. But she put her kids first. An opportunity to put yourself in the shoes of her mother Denise Lefébure, who meant so much to her and tragically died in a traffic accident in 2002. She passed on the values ​​received from Denise to her daughters. “I tried to teach them respect. Respect yourself, respect others. And it also goes through the body, through what we eat, by the way we treat the planet “, explains Estelle, who has become in recent years a” bestseller “thanks to her bestsellers dedicated to the good. Wellness Guru ”as Gwyneth Paltrow has become. -Be.

This concern for respect explains the kindness and perfect upbringing of the Smet girls, who don’t seem to have the haughty side of some prominent children. “Our parents got used to never feeling superior to others,” says Ilona.. . Our grandfather, Johnny, kept telling us to keep our feet on the ground to be humble. And don’t listen to negative people. Good advice because given the nastiness of social networks, we can be harder than others! Imbued with a strong work ethic, Emma and Ilona had no privileges and had to fight to win in their respective fields.. . “We wanted them to learn to manage it independently, through their work and perseverance,” adds Estelle.. . I am very proud of the people who have become them. “Modern, independent woman, with resounding success, the top has taken up a challenge: to create a normal, balanced, inspiring family, in a very unusual, glamorous setting,” larger than life “. This secret, Estelle, has not it always fascinated us at ELLE?

News from the world – FR – ELLE is 75 years old: Estelle Lefébure and her daughters Ilona and Emma Smet, the irresistible – Elle

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