This action will be taken for New Years Eve on the 24th. Asked in December and rehearsed for New Years Eve, though garbage collectors don’t their tour unlikely to change.

The real estate agency of the city of Paris (RiVP) does not want to take any risks. On the eve of New Years Eve, and like a week ago at Christmas, she asked all the Parisian guards she employed not to take out the trash. An order sent a few days ago from the second largest donor of the capital to Parisien. The RiVP informs of a document in the 110 buildings it takes care of: “For security reasons, the containers will be in the trash on 24. and 31. December not released. We wish you a pleasant New Year’s Eve, ”he said laconically..

For the head of the RiVP, questioned by the daily, this decision is the result of a “somewhat special” year and the holiday calendar. “We had to be educational and efficient,” he said. . Indeed, Parisian donors fear that despite this year’s curfew, garbage cans will be set on fire, as is the case every year in the capital.. . According to our colleagues, the other lessor, Paris Habitat, asked its caretakers to do the same.

If social landlords are to be believed, their decision is based on recommendations from local police stations as a “safety measure” since every New Year’s Eve there is a playground for those who have fun lighting a fire. A decision which also serves as a relief for firefighters, for whom fires in garbage cans and cars represent “75 to 80%” of their interventions, recalls their spokesperson at Le Parisien. . However, the most common waste fires do occur . . . close to houses and cars in Paris.

The mayor of Paris has always refused to talk about the number of green bins destroyed on New Year’s Eve, but wants at all costs to prevent them from increasing the bill, especially at 150 euros per unit it can quickly turn out to be steep. In a year between the demonstrations of “yellow vests”, those against the law of “global security”, the black blocks, degradation on the sidelines of sporting events, etc.. . . Our colleagues explain that the containers were often used as braziers. If the garbage collectors come anyway, their route and schedule must be checked..

Neither the trash cans nor the nicest ones can go dancing tonight. And if a trash comes out, they’ll be fined.

The ultimate parade: to avoid garbage fires, let’s remove the garbage, CQFD! Must start recycling at home.
I believe that Anne Hidalgo found her argument fatal for the suppression of cars in her good city “Paris Saint-Chance For France”: “Dear Parisians (and other non-binary semi-Lebanese), for a reason still unexplained today ‘ hui, Cars that burn at night (probably global warming or something like that, divine will) will now be banned

“Start the fire” received an award . . . . I do not know ; a feeling “(good evening M. Mario Moretti (?) ”A feeling of nostalgia for the good old days . . . . Is not it?

“Burning fire” was punished with death . . . . I do not know ; a feeling “(good evening M. Moreti (?) ”A feeling of nostalgia for the good old days . . . . Is not it?

This way there are more cars to burn! Vehicle owners (2 or 4 wheels) look for accommodation if they can.

Especially since there is no curfew at 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.. 3. Why ? Does anyone have the answer ???

Like our “ch. . . . this “for France going to be able to have fun? Ah yes, there are still the cars of the people who work to burn to celebrate the new year.

After a week marked by the evacuation of migrants from Place de la République in Paris and the affair with Michel Zecler, the Minister of the Interior was in . . .

News from around the world – FR – New Year’s Eve: In Paris, the guards are ordered not to take out the trash to avoid fires
. . Associated title: – New Year’s Eve of December 31. : In Paris, the guards have orders not to take out the trash to avoid fires. – “They are afraid of burning”: in Paris the guards of the & building forbid taking out the trash on the 31st. – . EbeneMagazine – FR – “You are afraid of burning”. forbidden to take out the trash

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News – FR – . World News – FR – New Years Eve of December 31. : In Paris, the guards are ordered not to take out the trash to avoid fires – CAMEROON MAGAZINE – CAMEROUN INFO – CAMEROUN ACTU
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New Year’s Eve of the 31st: in Paris, the guards are ordered not to take out the trash to avoid fires
“They are afraid that they will burn”: in Paris, the guards of & # 39; building prohibited from taking out the trash cans on the 31st
. EbeneMagazine – FR – “They are afraid to burn”. forbidden to take out garbage
. World News – FR – New Years Eve of December 31. : In Paris, the guards have orders not to take out the trash to . . .

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