Marie Trintignant has been missing for 17 years. The actress passed away suddenly on January. . August 2003 under the blows of his companion at the time, singer Bertrand Cantat. He remained in the hearts of many French people. In 2019 Carla Bruni and Béatrice Dalle paid tribute to this extraordinary actress, revealed in the 1978 film Série Noire. Last summer, Valérie Trierweiler posted a portrait of Marie Trintignant on her Instagram account to revive her memory. Recall that the former first lady was covering Bertrand Cantat’s trial for Paris Match at the time. But it is obvious to his family that the absence of Marie Trintignant is sorely felt. . His father, Jean-Louis Trintignant, never really recovered and has repeatedly confided his feelings of guilt. His mother, Nadine Trintignant, did not forgive Bertrand Cantat and let his anger explode on televisions.

And then there are the four sons of the actress, who had to build themselves largely without their mother: Roman (34 years old), son of the telephone drummer Romain Kolinka, Paul (27 years old), born from her union with François Cluzet, Léon (24 years old), the child she had with the cinema technician Mathias Othnin-Girard and finally Jules (22 years old), fruit of her love for Samuel Benchetrit. The youngest sibling therefore barely knew his mother, as he explained in the November 2019 gala chronicles: “My (. . . )

Jalil Lespert shares a rare photo of Laeticia Hallyday in an intimate moment (PHOTO) Lily-Rose Depp: Her photo in underwear which is causing a sensation among fans (PHOTO) is revealed less than two months after the birth of her baby Laura Smet his silhouette and his sports routine (PHOTO) A few months after the death of his wife, John Travolta publishes a sweet message for his young son (PHOTO) Matthieu Kassovitz pays Quentin Tarantino and the film Gemini Man: “Nil to ch. . . “

The former international rugby player passed away suddenly yesterday at the age of 48. Several sources lift the veil on the details of this drama which affects the world of sport as a whole.

With his last breath at the age of 60, Diego Maradona may have started a war of inheritance. Indeed, in his life, the football legend has chained the conquests in which at least eight children were born. .

Elodie Frégé is in a relationship with actor Grégory Fitoussi. Fortunately, the singer decided to make it official on the set of a TV show..

Just a few months after his painful break-up with Isabelle Camus, with whom he lived for 17 years and had a child, Yannick Noah found a smile in the arms of a 49-year-old actress.

Long before his marriage to Melania, Donald Trump shared the life of Ivana Trump for fifteen years. A marriage that ended when the wife was bluntly told about her husband’s extramarital affair this Christmas.

In Haute-Savoie, a coronavirus-positive newborn baby developed symptoms a few days after birth. After a long period of worry, her mother, who contracted the coronavirus, is convinced that she infected her child during her pregnancy.

During the trial of her stepson Jonathann Daval for the murder of her daughter Alexia, Isabelle Fouillot read a very touching letter that her daughter wrote to her companion on Valentine’s Day.

In its latest issue, published this Thursday, March 26. November, which appeared on the newsstand, L’Express revealed an anecdote on the relationship between Emmanuel Macron and Edouard Philippe. The affection was not mutual.

BOXING – Tony Yoka challenges the German Christian Hammer this Friday evening (10:30 p.m.) at the H Arena in Nantes. And the mere nickname of his opponent is not the one that scares the 2016 Olympic heavyweight champion

This is the first step towards deconfining: this Saturday 28. November, the French may see changes in their daily lives, including the reopening of stores. But be careful, you still need your certificate to leave!

The 19. November the online betting site Winamax published a parody of the show L’heure des Pro presented by Pascal Praud on his Twitter account. A video in which the comedian Sébastien Thoen participated and which was shot by Canal after the publication of this sketch.

DUBAI (Reuters) – Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, whose Western powers suspect of researching the Islamic Republic’s supply of nuclear weapons, was assassinated on Friday in the outskirts of Tehran. A military adviser to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of the revolution, blames the Israeli government for the murder, which he accuses of attempting to provoke armed conflict.

Wednesday 25. November, Jacques Sanchez receives Benjamin Castaldi in his program “Face aux medias”. . The opportunity for the columnist of “Touche pas à mon poste” to come back to his tense exchange with René Malleville, but not only. He also revealed why his financial situation is currently “catastrophic”.

Worried about the Covid-19 pandemic, Macy’s traditional Thanksgiving parade in New York City took place without an audience and in the rain.

The Crown series was supposed to end after Lady Diana’s death in 1997. Daily mail revelations may eventually spill over into the royal family’s last years.

A few months after breaking up with Isabelle Camus, Yannick Noah found love again in the arms of 49-year-old actress Laurence Cormerais. The latter is a familiar face on French television. . .

Prime Minister spoke at a press conference on the gradual easing of restrictions on Thursday morning.

This Thursday 26. November, an exclusive interview with Barack Obama was published in the columns of Paris Match. An opportunity for the former president to look back on his eight years in office and share the biggest regrets he may have had at the White House.

The highly recognizable journalist and columnist with the red scarf leaves the weekly “L’Express”. After joining the political service in April 1996 as editor-in-chief, he became editor-in-chief.. .

This Tuesday 24. November, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles’ official Twitter account closed the comments section under their last post. This is an episode of the Crown series.

World news – FR – Marie Trintignant: your son Jules is revealed in an excellent photo published by his father Samuel Benchetrit
. Associated title: -> PHOTO Marie Trintignant: a snapshot of her son Jules moves Internet users – Marie Trintignant: her son Jules is presented in a superb photo published by his father Samuel Benchetrit – Weltnachrichten – FR – FOTO Marie Trintignant: A photo of his son Jules moves Internet users – Marie Trintignant: A photo of her son Jules Benchetrit impresses Internet users (PHOTO)

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PHOTO Marie Trintignant: a snapshot of her son Jules moves internet users
Marie Trintignant: his son Jules is revealed in a superb photo published by his father Samuel Benchetrit
World News – FR – Marie Trintignant: Her son Jules is revealed in a superb photo published by his father Samuel . . .
EbeneMagazine – FR – PHOTO Marie Trintignant: A snapshot of her son Jules moves Internet users
Marie Trintignant: a photo of her son Jules Benchetrit impresses the Internet users (PHOTO)

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