On this last ordinary Sunday we celebrate Christ, King of the Universe. Reading the Gospels sometimes preoccupies us; it very often contradicts our human categories. Indeed, Christ is not this king like the great ones of this world, who have their own power, sometimes using force to maintain their authority and showing their wealth to maintain their position.. . . Christ is that humble king whose majesty is revealed in the cross; In the humiliation of the crucifixion, the Lord Jesus reveals his almighty power. And the texts that the liturgy offers us for this feast present to us a shepherd king whose job is to care for his sheep.. . But this shepherd-king is at the same time the chief judge of the living and the dead; He brings not only the comfort of the shepherd who watches over his flock, but also salvation and eternal life to those who love righteousness and believe in his word and his judgment.. .

In the first reading of the book of Ezekiel (Ez 34, 11-17), the holy author shows us that the good shepherd is the Lord God himself. In His Majesty, he spares no effort to watch over each of his sheep, to free them from darkness and fog, and even more to bring back the lost and heal the injured.. . . But for this flock, which he saves from all danger, he recalls that he himself will be the chief judge. . There we meet the immeasurable love of God, who protects us from all evil and at the same time allows us to graze with justice. And so, in the face of his generosity and fatherly concern, we must show justice by standing before him in righteousness and fear of his word.. . .

The pericope of the Gospel of Matthew (25, 31-46) and of the first letter of Paul to the Corinthians (15, 20-28), which we read about this feast of Christ the King, has us led to the salvific and eschatological vision of the domination of God in his Son Jesus Christ. For the Christians of Corinth, Saint Paul invites to the contemplation of the royal power of the Son of God who destroys death and makes life reign forever. Those who are in Christ must therefore exterminate the fear in them because Christ, by his resurrection, conquered death and stung for us.. . For this reason, our days, marked by the uncertainties and fears caused by the global crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, must nevertheless remain in the light of hope, on the horizon of the light of redemption which passes through us he is brought to reign by God in Jesus Christ. The Gospel of Matthew addresses the subject of judgment, which we learned from the prophet Ezekiel. He intends to insist on the fact that the domination established by the Son of God is an authority of justice in which the sheep must receive the care of the Master but also be inundated with goodness, justice and charity towards the weak and the most needy.. . you. This last parable of 25. We know the chapter of Matthew; and sometimes our reading frame lies in the fact of the division or the judgment that the Master establishes between those who have shown kindness towards the little ones and those who would be indifferent to him. What is sometimes missing from our reading is the incessant call to remain in love, in goodness since we have been called, saved by the love of God. Judgment is only made on the basis of the love that each has shown to his neighbor. May we stay and live in love in the image of our Lord Jesus Christ, who first loved us. Amen.

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