the bellows do not fall. At the end of September, the petition called for the entry of Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine. The two poets thus became the first homosexual couple to be buried in the Republican temple.. . This proposal, supported by hundreds of personalities including several ministers of Culture, blew people up in Charleville-Mezier where Rambo was buried. . . In particular, Vincent Tanazak, Orthodox priest from the Ardennes, who left the columns of the Ardennes

To hear, this unification proposal will be an initiative of a “gay lobby in France”. Without backing up his words, he thinks he “knows” that a gay lobby is activated by 2. 000 people (sic) “. The priest also minimizes the relationship that Rambo was able to have with Verlaine by using the vocabulary of Jean-Marie Le Pen. . Arthur Rimbaud was clearly not a professional having anal sex. I say sodomy because I read what Jean Cocteau said, at that time, we said sodomy, “Wandering everywhere. .

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“(Rambo) let himself be attracted by his eldest son (Verlaine), he let himself go, but he was not, in my opinion, his cup of tea”, lost the priest. On the occasion of the memorial of “The man with the soles of the wind”. There is no text, no speech and no paragraph mentioned to support what he says. On the other hand, he specifies that he intends to “restore” the poet if Rambo is mined for the Pantheon.

In the columns of the local newspaper, Frédéric Martel at the origin of the proposal wanted to clarify things: “There are seven or eight ministers who advocate the union of poets. . . . I don’t think Roslyn Bachelot, Fleur Beleren, Aurelie Felipe or any other gay is gay. The petition was signed by heterosexual people. . For the sociologist, the sexual orientation of rebellious poets should not be ignored, but not central.

“He is above all an incredible poet. There are arguments like me that I bring up. . . Remember that Verlaine and Rambo were punished for being gay. Verlaine was sentenced to three years in prison for being a communard with bad manners. As for history, it is important to have algebra “, insists Frederick Martel. Professor and producer at the France Culture en Ardennes program deplores “the homophobia of the Rimbaldians” in Charleville-Messier. They “underestimate or deny the poet’s homosexuality”. .

News from the world – AR – Ardennes priest screaming about the deification of Arthur Rimbaud Verlin – head
. . Associated title: – A priest from the Ardennes talks about the dedication of the goddess D& # 39; Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine – video. Rimbaud in the Pantheon: the shocking situation of an Orthodox priest in the Ardennes – <a href = "/? S = EbeneMagazine – France – An Ardennes priest embarks on a tour to train the gods Arthur Rimbaud . . . EbeneMagazine – FRANCE – An Ardennes priest embarks on a tour of the formation of the gods Arthur Rimbaud . . .

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