The Undertaker surprised all his followers by launching his TikTok account. Apparently the WWE Legend is set to continue expanding his social media presence and winning over new fans..

The Deadman landed on this popular platform with a challenge with his wife Michelle McCool called #UndertakerChallenge, and in no time, he managed to rack up over 200,000 subscribers..

The first video posted by the fighter was pretty funny and you can see his wife trying to emulate her husband’s legendary abs, while he watches her. The post is short but it went viral in no time.

The Undertaker is so clear that he will say goodbye to #WWE that he has already opened a Tik Tok account

The landing of “The Phenom” on this social network reveals the current era and how a star like him is ready to adapt. And he’s not the only one, the legendary fighter has joined the roster of stars who focus on their presence in networks and who have connected the new generations to wrestling..

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