While the match had been made of successive ties, the Castres Olympique could think they had done the essential by registering a saving try 5 minutes from the siren and leading 4 points. Alas he cracked in the last seconds.

No observation period yesterday, the Castres and Bordelais forwards got into the heart of the matter immediately, and the CO had the last word at the end of the first tussle with a penalty attempted of 55 m by Rory Kockott, the tone was set. The two teams having tested each other head-on, it is the foot that enters the dance to occupy the field, again the CO benefits from a fault from the Girondins and this time at 38 m Urdapilleta does not miss the target. The gain has paid off. Unfortunately, things go wrong during the first scrum, the CO is at fault and Jalibert equalizes. The match was stopped for a long time following the injury of Bordeaux native Geoffrey Cros. The visiting winger’s knee gave way during a tackle by Nakosi. Following this accident, during the Bordeaux possession within 22 m, the CO had the opportunity to test its resistance on the balls carried, the test is positive. It is much less in closed scrum where the Castres are reprimanded and penalized several times and have thus offered 3 points to Jalibert. The result could have been very positive for the CO with Babillot running behind the line but the Castres captain had inherited a forward pass.

If the start of the match had been rather favorable to the Castres, in 2nd it was the Girondins who got their hands on the ball. 3 points at stake. Then the game quickly fell back into a false rhythm, even if as in the first half we witnessed a lot of activity from Maama Vaipulu. The third row Castres knew how to put his team in the advance and cause Bordeaux faults maintaining the equality on the table. And then in this dark part there was a flash, alas for the CO, it appeared from the visitor ranks 3 passes at the level of the middle line the ball is in the wing, try. Misfortune does not come alone, while on dismissal Julien Dumora pierces the curtain to send Palis to the test, this test is refused, Thomas Combezou having according to the video obstructing the Girondins defenders. The center three-quarters will repair his mistake beautifully by coming, once again to lend a hand to his forwards behind a carried ball, to dive into the goal. And the CO thus comes back to 3 points of the UBB which at that time is outnumbered. The CO takes advantage and it is again the full backs in this case, Nakosi who comes to support the forwards to score behind a carried ball. 5 minutes from time, the CO leads by 4 points 29-25. Normally the Castres know how to run the clock in these circumstances.. Yet with Lamerat to dynamite the Tarn curtain and the power of Amosa to finish the action, Bordeaux scored. Last night, in the absence of a show, there was suspense to fuel the emotions of the supporters. Unfortunately for the CO behind the small screens, it was in Bordeaux that the arms were raised. Too bad for the Castres who did not spare their efforts and who had their hair done on the pole.

Castres Olympique, Mathieu Babillot, Union Bordeaux Bègles

News – FR – The CO capped on the pole
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