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A technical problem led to the publication by mistake of many obituaries on our site, this Monday, November 16. Our technical teams are mobilized to rectify this major bug and determine its cause and responsibilities.

We owe you, of course, explanations. As in all media, our journalists prepare in advance portraits of personalities so, if they were to disappear, to be able to quickly offer readers all the information they need to know about their journey..

Unfortunately, this Monday November 16, 2020 at the end of the morning, a hundred of these obituaries were published in error on the rfi site. fr as well as on several partner platforms (Google, Yahoo !, MSN, Flipboard, etc.). This publication is, of course, unintentional. It is due to a technical incident, linked to the migration of the RFI site to a new tool for publishing its content.. These articles were therefore published as drafts without any editorial intervention..

All articles are being removed from RFI’s digital environments and partner platforms.

We, RFI and the Digital Environments Department of France Médias Monde, a group to which our radio belongs, first of all apologize to those affected by these obituaries and who may have been offended by this publication, once again made in error.. We also apologize to you, readers, internet users, who are loyal to us and trust us..


News – FR – RFI apologizes for the involuntary publication of several obituaries on its site

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