Protestant news – Free – TV: “La Môme”, Édith Piaf et la vie en rose

Out of 4. On December 25, Chérie airs 25 La Môme, the film Olivier Dahan, dedicated in 2007 to Édith Piaf. Particularly noteworthy is the interpretation of the singer by Marion Cotillard.

In those 2000s, as biographies swept across the screens, it made sense to dedicate one to Édith Piaf, the icon of French song and international star with a glorious and painful fate. In La Môme, filmmaker Olivier Dahan takes up the sensational side of American biography and links clichés to poetry. Exploded story ranges from “abandoned little girl” to “poor alcoholic” to “stubborn star” with melodramatic snapshots.

The crazy affair of Olivier Dahan is accompanied by the crazy performance of Marion Cotillard, who gives herself body and soul as a woman in love or dying. She plays Piaf incredibly well: young or old, funny or angry, hateful or loving, decadent or pious. This role allowed her to become the first French actress to win an Oscar since Simone Signoret in 1960!

Movies that attempted to piece together D-Day landings mostly reflected the aspirations of their time.

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News from around the world – FR – Television: “La Môme”, Édith Piaf and la vie en rose – Reform. network

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La Vie en rose, Marion Cotillard, Édith Piaf, Olivier Dahan

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