Last week Mask Singer aficionados couldn’t see a new episode of their entertainment because of football. But everything is back to normal this Saturday, November 21 since TF1 broadcast the fifth number of its successful program. Two weeks ago, 5.1 million viewers were present in front of their small screens to investigate and try to find the celebrities who are hiding behind costumes all as crazy as each other.. For this second edition twelve stars have decided to be part of the adventure, hidden under the features of a penguin, a mouth, a spider, a skeleton, a dragon, a shark, a wolf, an octopus, a robot, a vixen, an owl and the duo of parrots. Viewers are not the only ones leading the investigation. A quartet composed of Alessandra Sublet, Kev Adams, Anggun and Jarry will rack their brains to try to unravel the mystery of the costumes.

Two weeks ago, Djibril Cissé and Liane Foly had to unmask themselves and left the adventure. The latter had in particular revealed her trick to not be recognized during rehearsals and recordings. “Obviously, for years I have known all the people who work on the sets and so I pushed the vice to change my perfume. Because my perfume, they know it between 1000, and say ‘Oh, it smells like Liane …’. So I found one that is the opposite of what I could put in life (. . . )

Loto results: discover the draw of this Saturday, November 21, 2020 Toni, eliminated from the Masters 2020 of Don’t forget the words, looks back on his strategy which did not pay off: “I totally messed up” The return of Michel Drucker, Stéphane Bern for the selection of Eurovision, Thierry Ardisson. . . : Here are the novelties of France Télévisions for 2021 Laurence Boccolini: cash, she reveals why she refused to present Dance with the starsMask Singer: this defect of the robot costume which gave a hard time to the production!

A week after the revelations of Here concerning François Hollande’s affair with Juliette Gernez, a relative of Julie Gayet confided in the columns of our magazine. He thus revealed the reaction of the actress.

ROAD SAFETY – After her mother was checked drunk on the road, a 16-year-old was arrested while driving without a license and under the influence of alcohol to Lyon

This Saturday, November 21, the verdict in the trial of Jonathann Daval is expected. At the Assize Court of Haute-Saône, the Advocate General explained, according to him, the reason that had led her to kill his wife.

This Saturday, November 21, Jonathann Daval was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the murder of his wife, Alexia. He escaped life imprisonment, from which only four people in France were sentenced.

JDD INFO. According to data from the French start-up Mytraffic, people go out a lot more during this second confinement than during the first, in the spring..

In the first volume of his memoirs called A Promised Land, Barack Obama curls Nicolas Sarkozy. A description described as “racist” by some while others speak of “clumsiness”.

This November 21, Micheline Roquebrune, wife of Sean Connery, goes behind the scenes of the years spent alongside the iconic interpreter of James Bond.

Flowers placed in front of Alysson Jadin’s hair salon who committed suicide on November 20, 2020 in Liège, Belgium

This Friday, November 20, the trial of Jonathann Daval, accused of the murder of his wife Alexia, comes to an end. A trying week of hearing, between tears and chilling revelations.

The head of state urged other G20 member countries to order vaccine doses for the least developed countries, also affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

In Bangui, this Friday, November 20, members of armed groups, members of the Advisory and Monitoring Committee (CCS) of the Disarmament, Demobilization, Reintegration, Repatriation (DDRR) program, expressed their dissatisfaction to the DDRR ministry. They blocked the authorities for a few hours at their offices to claim their unpaid compensation. With our correspondent in Bangui, Charlotte Cosset Palms are hung at the entrance of the ministry, the offices are closed. Jean-Rock Soubi, FDPC and member of the DDRR Advisory and Monitoring Committee: “If you see us in this ministry, it’s just to claim our allowances which totaled eight months. What prompted us to barricade, to close the big gate that you see, with the ministers. A lot of discontent, that’s why we are forced to demonstrate so that our rights are truly respected. “Célestin Gamare of RJ Bellanga:” We asked several times, the government did not pay, and that is why we decided to go out to block the members of the government. Today out of eight months they paid us two months “. Abakar Larry Mahalba, vice-president of the CCS, assures that the situation is normalizing: “We have a cash flow tension and the government has done what is necessary.. It’s a delay, it’s a question of organization and what has been settled and so we will try to activate things because the DDRR is in its irreversible phase. the government has already done the necessary and this is what we will activate. I believe that there is a message of appeasement there and the rest will be done within the framework of the Republic. “About ten days ago, it was the elements from the DDRR integrated into the special mixed security units who went on strike in Paoua and Bouarpour to access the payment of their arrears..

Rudy Giuliani, dye running down his temples, denounced conspiracy against Donald Trump at surreal press conference.  

René Malleville’s decision is made: he leaves Touche pas at my post. Vexed by the incessant mockery of some columnists, the Marseillais prefers to slam the door of the show. Stéphane Tapie has decided to resolve the situation.

It’s a real breath of fresh air for the former first lady of the French. Bernadette Chirac was seen in the streets of Paris on November 9. In a wheelchair and masked, Jacques Chirac’s widow was notably accompanied by her daughter, Claude.

According to some sources, the state of health of Vladimir Putin would be very worrying. President of Russia was reportedly operated on for cancer a few months ago.

Since the Brexit referendum, Europeans and Britons alike have left the UK, having spent part of their life across the Channel.

After exhausting his legal remedies, Donald Trump is now turning to his party’s apparatus to try to win a presidential election which he however lost. In particular, he increased contacts with Republican parliamentarians from Michigan.

Melissa Gilbert, who played Laura Ingalls in The Little House on the Prairie, had to undergo major back surgery, including a replacement disc. Operation which went well, as she announced on Instagram, Friday, November 20.

INFO BFMTV – The President of the Republic will provide an update on Tuesday, at 8 p.m., on the health situation and the restrictive measures in force since mid-October.

This November 19, the two former private secretaries of Johnny Hallyday unveiled some details of the singer’s daily life. Starting with his story with Sylvie Vartan who, according to one of them, did not hesitate to make decisions for the rocker.

TF1, Jarry, Alessandra Sublet, Kev Adams

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