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Tonight, C8 is broadcasting a classic of the French comedy of the 70s, Les galettes de Pont-Aven by Joël Séria. A film that dedicated Jean-Pierre Marielle in saucy VRP, obsessed with the beautiful Jeanne Goupil.

In the 70s, the wind of the sexual revolution blows over France. Pornographic cinema has established itself on the street with Emmanuelle de Just Jaeckin as its emblem, a real phenomenon. For his part, Bertrand Blier electrifies what remains of Gallic France with his Valseuses with a libertarian scent.. It is in this atmosphere that Joël Séria, director of two atypical films within the framework of French cinema, But do not deliver us from evil and Charlie and his two chicks, is preparing his third feature film.. He reunites again in front of his camera Jeanne Goupil, whom he has already shot in his two previous films and who will become his companion, and Jean-Pierre Marielle, whom he met on Charlie and his two chicks. It is the late actor, who died in 2019, who plays the main role, that of Henri Sernin, a representative in umbrellas who is bored in his tribulations as a small sales person.. His passion for painting and pretty women with generous shapes will take him to Pont-Aven, in Brittany..

With its many gently erotic scenes, now somewhat outdated in charm, by its flowery language and especially by the almost burlesque interpretation of Jean-Pierre Marielle, Les galettes de Pont-Aven confuses the first spectators on its release , in August 1975. However, the film gradually gains admissions, especially in Paris.. Over the years, it has acquired a reputation as a cult film thanks to the earthiness of its main actor, its nonconformist spirit but also to three anthological “butt scenes”. The most famous is the one where, drunk with alcohol and paint, Serin places his hand on the thigh of Marie (Jeanne Goupil), the daughter of his landlady.. The shot where she reveals her crotch to a dumbfounded Marielle has become a true classic of French cinema of the 70s, a small time capsule of this period apart in the 7th art tricolor. Dominique Lavanant as a Breton prostitute, Claude Piéplu as a mystical enlightenment or Andréa Ferreol as an unfaithful woman complete a sparkling cast. Jean-Pierre Marielle and Andréa Ferreol will also collect two nominations for the César 1976 for their performances. Les galettes de Pont-Aven, a classic always so free that can be tasted greedily, where melancholy emerges under the bottom.

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Jean-Pierre Marielle, the galettes de Pont Aven

News – FR – The galettes de Pont-Aven (C8) with Jean-Pierre Marielle: a totally cul-te film

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