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The star of the Mysteries of love has long confided in our colleagues from TV Grandes Chaines, in particular about his desire for a child.

Everything is going well for Elsa Esnoult, the singer and heroine of the Mysteries of Love on TMC, whom you can meet thanks to the Télé-Loisirs Pass. However, we know little about his life. The young woman confided under the tree to our colleagues from TV Grandes Chaines for the release of her Christmas album, in the great tradition of American stars, carried by the unpublished single Mon premier Noel avec toi. At 32, Elsa Esnoult still has many dreams to fulfill.

When asked by TV Grandes Chains on newsstands this Monday, December 21, what gift would you like to receive? Elsa Esnoult replied: “I dream of filling a Bercy, of having a big house to accommodate even more ‘animals because there I live in a small two-room apartment. [She laughs. ] But the best gift I would like to have is a child. Maybe one day life will give it to me. So far I haven’t found the father. I’m not against the idea of ​​having a child on my own. Love guides my life, I need to have some and give some “.

Elsa Esnoult who has known heartache also dreams of a baby for Fanny and Christian in Mysteries of love even if the couple has just broken up and is not yet ready to get back together: “Sébastien and i wish our characters had a baby. Jean-Luc Azoulay, the creator of the series, does not know how to bring the thing, because Fanny also leads her career as a singer. I hope this will happen. Even if, for the moment, the couple has just separated! Maybe Jean-Luc Azoulay will wait until I have one in life for it to show on TV, but it’s not tomorrow the day before! (she laughs)”.

Head to western Paris to watch the filming of Mysteries of Love with the talented Elsa Esnoult. The Télé-Loisirs Pass and the actress have reserved for you a day of madness that will allow you to find out everything about your favorite series. You might even bump into other actors that day, in short you will live an unforgettable moment. Psst… Take the opportunity to ask him to interpret his best songs!

Elsa Esnoult is on the front page of TV Grandes Chains magazine on newsstands this Monday, December 21.

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Elsa Esnoult

News – FR – Elsa Esnoult (The Mysteries of Love) confides in her desire for motherhood: “My best gift would be to have a child but I did not find the father! ”

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