In 2011, the fourth edition of the popular “Mission Impossible” spy series was released. Huge financial and commercial success relaunched the franchise. First of all, thanks to the guy: Christopher Macquarie.

In 1996, Paramount decided to adapt their popular 1970s spy series for cinema: Mission: Impossible. . . Worn by actor Tom Cruise, the saga was inspired by the original icons of the series while updating the franchise in its day.. . Thus, the recipe will work quickly with the first two pieces which will succeed in 1996 and 2000. However, in 2006, the saga will receive its first flu shot with the release of Mission Impossible 3, directed by J. . . . . J Abrams. In fact, the guy behind Brian De Palma and John Woo (directors 1 and 2), scored less commercial than the first two parts – still around $ 400 million at the global box office.. . . .

Meanwhile, the main actor is collecting personal incidents. In fact, Tom Cruise is heavily involved in the Church of Scientology, a belief considered controversial in the United States.. . . . . Consequently, its multiple interventions in favor of this practice would lead Paramount to terminate its contract in 2006, a few months after the publication of Part III. . . However, he will return to the franchise in 2011 for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.. . . .

As a reminder, this part 4 claims that Mission: Impossible was discredited after an attack on the Kremlin. Ethan Hunt and his team will then try to erase everything.

You should know that even if Tom Cruise returned to direct this new fatherhood, he wouldn’t really feel sacred in the franchise anymore.. . . . Additionally, Jeremy Renner is expected to be the franchise’s new main title after this Fourth Amendment. . . In fact, the end of Ethan Hunt was originally planned. . The latter had to withdraw and become minister. It sounded like Swansong, to an actor who at the time suffered from a series of critical and business failures (Lions and Lambs, Valkyrie, Night and Day). . . ). However, it was without relying on Christopher McCurry in this dummy protocol scenario.. . .

In fact, the Oscar-winning screenwriter arrived for Usual Suspects in 1993, in the middle of filming to correct the original script as it was revealed in 2018. . . . Macquarie actually collaborated with Tom Cruise on the Valkyrie he was producing.. . He therefore gives more importance to the character of Ethan Hunt, to the detriment of the character of Agent Brandt (who is retained by Jeremy Jenner, Cruise’s potential successor). Most importantly, it removes the last scene that saw the IMF agency director retire. Ultimately, these multiple changes will pay off as the Brad Bird-directed film blows up box office counters, returning to stage presenter Tom Cruise.. . . . At the same time, the franchise will experience a new direction and is currently enjoying success.. . .

Since then, the love between actor and screenwriter has gone mad. Not only did the latter become the director of all subsequent activities, but he also started a new franchise with Jack Reacher, with the Top Gun star at the forefront.. . . . .

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News from around the world – FR – Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol on W9: How Christopher McCurry relaunched the saga – CinéSéries Associated title: – <a href = "/? s = Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol on W9: How Christopher McCurry has reinstated W9 epic launch "Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol": How Christopher McCurray reloaded the saga

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