The British daily welcomes the performance of French business schools in the midst of a health crisis. MBAs, masters, but also the opening of French schools to foreigners allow France to stand out among its European peers.

France once again on the top of the higher education podium. French business schools outperform their European rivals thanks to the quality of their masters and their MBAs, according to a Financial Times ranking for the year 2020. Four establishments are in the top 10 schools: HEC Paris, Insead, Essec and ESCP. Alongside the prestigious Oxfords and the London School of Economics (LES). In total, of the 90 best European business schools listed, 22 are French.

To establish this list, the experts of the “Financial Times” took into account the quality of the teaching, the CVs of the professors, the hiring wages of the young graduates, the international openness of the students… The daily newspaper Briton believes that “despite France being known to be suspicious of capitalism, its business schools attract students from all over the world, at the same time preparing its own talents for international careers”.

In an exceptional year – due to the Covid-19 pandemic -, exceptional ranking. For the first time, the “Financial Times” polled students to find out about their “well-being” on campus. And France, in this area, is breaking all records, even though these were achieved during the first confinement .

Another criterion retained, the cost of studies: the quality-price ratio is hailed for its competitiveness in French schools. British daily highlights the difficulty of European schools in finding new funding methods. But in this area, French schools had already had to innovate: with the end of funding for chambers of commerce, schools had to reinvent themselves, long before the Covid-19 epidemic . The health crisis has also enabled many students in difficulty to benefit from aid.

The “Financial Times” ranking – one of the most exhaustive in the sector – confirms the results of the highly regarded Shanghai ranking, which assesses all training in the world and which, in business and finance, ranks HEC , Essec, Insead and Edhec in the top 150 worldwide.

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News – FR – Business schools: France at the top of the European ranking, according to “Financial Times ”
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Business schools: France at the top of the European ranking, according to the “Financial Times”
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