The former (Laussucq) and the future (Sonnes) manager of the SUA are fans of surfing. A wink because in Armandie this week, we wondered how to surf the dynamics of the match against Lyon (16-19). Despite the defeat, we saw the Agenais deliver their best game of the season, against a backdrop of total commitment and unwavering solidarity.

The shock of the eviction of staff and the move to self-management worked. Thus, while few predicted it, the Agen pack took the measure and dominated its Lyon counterpart, however renowned.

But the whole question is whether the electroshock effect will have passed this new week. “Tuesday again, the players were very tired, explains Jean-François Fonteneau. So there is uncertainty about the physical condition of the troops.. “Today, in fact, Agen has a seventh consecutive game. The crowded infirmary did not allow for a real rotation. To better prepare for the arrival of the Toulonnais, which promises a new major fight, the week was focused on recovery.

Also, the president underlines the side effect of self-management. “Some players, who have been empowered, have also left a lot of energy in this work. We hope that it will not be felt on the pitch… “

The fear of seeing a team running out of juice is therefore real in Agen, which had 48 hours less recovery than the Var. For the sake of fitness, it was decided to make a few rotations to “add more pep while maintaining momentum”.

The breath of fresh air will be symbolized in particular by Vincent Farré, who replaces Jessy Jegerlehner to bring more density into the forward fight against the formidable group of Eben Etzebeth. Also, on the wing, the Espoir player Louis Gauban was preferred to Julien Jané.

Before the new breath that will be driven by Sonnes, Narjissi and Mirande on Tuesday, the Agenais will therefore have to give their last breath to hope for their first success.

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Until& # 39; at the end of their strength

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