Last night the USFL posted this mockery on social media during NFL games. The league plans to make an important announcement for tonight’s “The Herd” with Colin Cowherd on FS1 from 12p – 3p ET.

8 teams. 12 weeks. A new era dawns this spring. Don’t miss tomorrow’s episode of @TheHerd 👀📺 FS1 | 12p – 3p ET

What we could get are the official USFL team names and cities. The league has updated some of its brands, including a logo for the Philadelphia Stars.

USFL News on Twitter noted that some teams had created new accounts on Instagram and Twitter. 8 team accounts to be precise.

Something to see: Accounts like this all exist on IG and Twitter (Stars exist on Twitter but not IG)

Could will these be the teams coming to USFL in 2022? We’ll all check out “The Herd” to find out.

The XFL has the Tampa Bay and Houston teams. Could that mean the Vipers are moving to Orlando and the Roughnecks are moving to San Antonio?

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