Three months after the death of Michel Fourniret, at the age of 79, a sixth time in a year and a half, the investigators are back in the Ardennes to try to find the body of little Estelle Mouzin. The nine-year-old girl disappeared on January 9, 2003 in Guermantes, in Seine-et-Marne. The Ogre des Ardennes confessed to his murder in March 2020.

As in June and March / April 2021, it is in the commune of Issancourt-et-Rumel, where 2.5 hectares have been deforested, that this research should be concentrated, which could well be the last. A place which is located less than 4 km from Ville-sur-Lumes, in an old family home where, according to his ex-wife Monique Olivier, Fourniret kidnapped, raped and killed Estelle Mouzin.

All hopes now rest on the indications of the ex-accomplice of the serial killer, 72 years old and who will be present on the scene this week. Incarcerated in Fleury-Mérogis, she is serving a life sentence with twenty-eight years of security for “complicity” in four murders. In March 2021, during a new interrogation conducted by the examining magistrate Sabine Khéris, Monique Olivier admitted having played a role in the kidnapping of the girl. She then gave unprecedented information which directed the investigators to a piece of forest where she said she had waited at the end of a road for a quarter of an hour, in their white van, for Michel Fourniret to bury the body of the little girl. .

Now completely free from the weight of the serial killer, will she or will she be able to go further?

Monique Olivier began her relationship with Michel Fourniret by correspondence in 1987, responding to an ad from someone who was then serving a prison sentence for several sexual assaults. Aged 38, divorced, mother of two, at that time, she felt alone and found comfort in her letter-writing relationship with the Ogre des Ardennes. Before settling in with him on his release from prison the same year.

A relationship based on a criminal pact. She promises to obey him and help him trap his victims, him to help her kill her ex-husband. A pact that will backfire against Fourniret. In 2004, Monique Olivier cracks after more than a hundred interrogations and a year of imprisonment. She ends up confessing to the crimes of the Ogre of the Ardennes.

In the Estelle Mouzin affair, it was also she who destroyed the alibi allowing Michel Fourniret not to be worried for years. The latter claimed to be present at the couple’s home, in Sart-Custine (Belgium), more than 200 kilometers from Guermantes, on January 9, 2003. The proof: a call that he had tried to make to the one of his sons at 8:08 p.m. But in November 2019, Monique Olivier admits that it was she who made this phone call, on the order of Michel Fourniret, and that he was not present at home that evening.

Revelations released year after year at a very slow pace. So should we still expect a new twist in this affair?