• Sultan Mbombo Njoya died on September 27 at the age of 83 from Covid-19

The announcement of the death of Sultan Mbombo Njoya on September 27 at the age of 83 from Covid-19 in Paris opens the way for an inventory of all the women and children he had during his lifetime. Without a doubt, his death also launches the battle for his succession to the Palais de Foumban.

Before his accession to the throne in August 1992 as sultan, king of the Bamoun, Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya lived in monogamy for about thirty years. Once, seated on the throne, he submits to the Bamoun tradition by adopting polygamy.

As tradition dictates, he first married a girl from the Nji Monchou family who was then 3 years old. “He received her as a wife – we do not refuse to unite with a Nji Monchou” – left her with her family and provided for her needs “But when she came of age, he married her in one of his at court, ”he explained. an adviser to the king.

After the girl, King Ibrahim Njoya married nine other women. The latest is an African-American, Kadidj Jennifer James, director of companies. His first wife, confides in her family, is from Kribi, in southern Cameroon. King Mbombo therefore leaves behind nine widows at his death who will now fight for one of their descendants to ascend to the throne. However, it should be noted that in the Bamoun tradition, only those born during the reign of the king can claim the throne.

The bet on the succession to the head of the chiefdom, often discussed by King Mbombo Njoya, assures his relatives. If we must believe that during his lifetime the process of Njoya’s succession was initiated by his wives who used coquetry to attract the favors of the king to see one day one of their sons chosen as successor on the death of the king .

There are thirty successors to King Mbombo Njoya, including the current interim president of the Cameroon Football Association, Seidou Mbombo Njoya and the coach of the national women’s basketball team, Ahmed Mbombo Njoya.

Moreover, enlightened minds, faced with this plethora of successors, announce a war of succession in this kingdom of the western region.

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