In 1959, Aston Martin entered Formula 1 under the name of David Brown Corporation. But for two seasons, only, before retiring. But in 2019-2020, Lawrence Stroll (dad of Lance Stroll) bought the Formula 1 Racing Point team as well as the Aston Martin brand. He therefore decided to rename Racing Point to the Aston Martin F1 team in order to signal the return of the legendary brand to the premier class. And of course, who says Aston Martin also says… 007!

On October 6 will be released the film ”Die to wait (that’s the name of the next James Bond 007) and to promote this film Aston Martin will therefore display stickers 007 on its livery of Formula 1. As you know from the first 007 , the English brand supplies cars for James Bond. The 2 drivers will have Bond’s number on their cars, on the sides of the cockpit, in place of the brand’s winged logo. And Sebastian and Lance will have to promote the film well beyond their F1 as they will be fighting in a duel. The aim of the game ? Assemble the Lego version of the Aston Martin DB5 ASAP!

The director of the film said, “Aston Martin is part of Bond’s DNA. It’s a partnership that doesn’t need to be explained, so it was great to bring these two worlds together: Bond’s opening streak and Aston Martin’s Formula 1 team. I hope that this will generate a lot of excitement before the film is released. “

My name is Antoine Laran, a master’s student in sports journalism in Paris at the IICP establishment. Passionate about F1 for a few years, the overtaking, the speed and the spectacle quickly made me adore this mechanical sport. Unconditional fan of an Australian driver who passed through Toro Rosso, Red Bull, Renault and now McLaren. I am co-Creator with Brian Makhoul of the Formula1Actu site.