The Briton dominated the very first Grand Prix of Qatar from start to finish ahead of Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso. He regains six points from Verstappen in the world championship.

BREAKING: @LewisHamilton wins in Qatar! He beats Max Verstappen (P2) and reduces Verstappen’s championship lead to eight points with two races to go! #QatarGP ð ???? ¶ð ???? ¦ # F1

LAP 46/57 Fernando Alonso is in P3 – and implores Esteban Ocon to “defend like a lion” behind him and hold off a charging Sergio Perez … ð ???? §ð ???? “# QatarGP ð ??? ? ¶Ð ???? ¦ # F1

Second stops ð ???? § Slick work in the pits as the Bulls get fresh mediums ð ???? ¡

LAP 33/57 Puncture for Valtteri Bottas! He’s falling back through the field from P3 as he tries to make it back to the pits ð ?????? # QatarGP ð ???? ¶ð ???? ¦ # F1

LAP 27/57 Superb stuff so far from Fernando Alonso ð ?????? He’s running P6, but three of the cars ahead of him have yet to stop He’s well and truly in the fight for a podium finish! ð ?? ¤ © # QatarGP ð ???? ¶ð ???? ¦ # F1

LAP 25/57 P4 for Valtteri Bottas as he passes Lando Norris ð ?????? And he soon moves up to P3 after Fernando Alonso goes into the pits Both Mercedes in the top three … for now #QatarGP ð ?? ?? ¶ð ???? ¦ # F1

LAP 19/57 Red Bull move first and bring in Max Verstappen (P2) for his first pit stop And he’s followed in one lap later by Lewis Hamilton (P1) in his Mercedes Updated gap between them is 9.6s â ?? ± ï¸ ?? # QatarGP ð ???? ¶ð ???? ¦ # F1

LAP 10/57 After a slow start, Valtteri Bottas is running P10 Mercedes boss Toto Wolff comes onto the radio to encourage him to pick up the pace in the fight with Red Bull ð ???? §ð ???? £ ï¸ ?? # QatarGP ð ???? ¶ð ???? ¦ # F1

LAP 6/57 What a start in Qatar from Max Verstappen! He’s already up to P2, having started in P7 ð ?????? The battle between him and Lewis Hamilton is ON! ð ???? ¿#QatarGP ð ???? ¶ð ???? ¦ # F1

LAP 1/57 Hamilton gets away well in P1 Alonso takes P2 from GaslyVerstappen up to P4 after quick start # QatarGP ð ???? ¶ð ???? ¦ # F1

Three football legends â ?? ½ï¸ ?? 309 international appearances between them ð ?????? David Beckham, John Terry and Andrea Pirlo have arrived at the circuit for race day! ð ???? ¸ # QatarGP ð ???? ¶ð ???? ¦ # F1

As we prepare for race day in Qatar, a reminder of just how close it is at the top of the standings with three races to go! ð ?????? ð ?????? # QatarGP ð ???? ¶ð ???? ¦ # F1

Sunday = time to go racing under the lights in the desert ð ?????? ð ?????? ð ?????? # QatarGP ð ???? ¶ð ???? ¦ # F1 pic / 8bQelpi8W3

BREAKING: Qatar grid penalties confirmed by the race stewards for Max Verstappen (five places) and Valtteri Bottas (three places) #QatarGP ð ???? ¶ð ???? ¦ # F1

the 11/21/2021 at 4:32 PM

The Red Bull driver is under threat of a sanction after being summoned by the commissioners.

Formula 1 drivers will experience the Qatar Grand Prix this weekend before flying to Saudi Arabia in two weeks. Two tracks where the two flagship teams of the championship have, like the rest of the paddock, no benchmarks.

Behind the untouchables Mercedes and Red Bull, the battle is raging among the teams in the middle of the table, with three races to go to the end of the season.