At 40, Fernando Alonso is having a fairly convincing season in Formula 1. The Spaniard could well continue to drive at the highest level if his performance allows it.

Fernando Alonso still seems to be in possession of many resources. At 40, the Spaniard is far from making an appearance on the tracks behind the wheel of his Alpine single-seater. While his presence in the paddock has sometimes been questioned this season by some detractors, in particular because of his advanced age, Fernando Alonso has shown that he could still play the leading roles in Formula 1, as during the last Grand Prix ​​de Hungary, where the former world champion finished fourth. For Alonso, age is not a parameter to take into account.

In comments reported by NexGen Auto, Fernando Alonso spoke about his future in Formula 1: “If I start making mistakes in my 40s, I’ll stop. But until then, I’m having fun and I’m faster than those around me. F1 will continue to be my main focus. It may be for many years to come. If a younger guy comes in and beats me with the same car, it’s not a matter of age, it’s a matter of the clock. Motorsport isn’t just F1, there are other magical events. But for now, my focus is on this new challenge. “

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