… On all single-seaters equipped with the German block! In fact, following the incident on Lewis Hamilton’s car on Friday during free practice 2, the manufacturer gave instructions. Also, all the teams powered by Mercedes have been invited to change their block to integrate the V6 least “started” of the season.

Mercedes but also Williams Racing, Mclaren and Aston Martin had to change their engine on Friday evening. Indeed, the German team has advised its partners to equip their cars with the newest block possible. Because, as you probably know, due to the quota of three engines imposed by the regulations of Formula 1, the teams carry out shifts, the idea being to ensure that the oldest engines are overhauled, in order to extend their lifespan.

And last Friday, in free practice 2, Lewis Hamilton had the most used Mercedes engine this year. Also, the heat not helping, as a precaution, all cars powered by the latter will have to operate a V6 as fresh as possible. Knowing that there had also been an alert from Sebastian Vettel at Aston Martin. We hope that these teams will not be abandoned in a cascade tomorrow during the race.

Obviously, this measure could also have consequences later, especially at Monza, where the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix will be held next weekend. Circuit on which the teams generally use a new engine. Because the track in question is particularly demanding on the mechanics, because of the many seconds spent under full load.

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