A former companion of the Franco-Beninese footballer has just lodged a complaint against the former defender of the FCSM for willful violence, kidnapping and death threats. The facts would have taken place in 2020 in Bulgaria where Olivier Verdon evolves.

Olivier Verdon is accused of domestic violence by one of his ex-girlfriends, a student at the University of Metz, who has decided to file a complaint for willful violence, forcible confinement and death threats learns this Thursday from his lawyer, Me Bertrand Mertz, confirming information from the Republican Lorrain. The facts allegedly took place on the night of November 14 to 15, 2020, in Razgrad, Bulgaria, according to the complaint that we were able to consult.

According to the complainant, who decided to go to court last May after long months of reflection, the situation degenerated on the evening of November 14, 2020 during an argument in Olivier Verdon’s apartment, in Razgrad, in Bulgaria where the defender plays for the Ludogorets club. The Beninese international would have asked his companion to unlock his cell phone (by facial recognition) to consult a conversation. Faced with his refusal, the player “would not have hesitated to control her so that she would be unable to move” we read in the complaint where it is also specified “that Olivier Verdon pulls the complainant by the hair to lift her face, hugging her with his arm around his neck to keep her from moving. “

We also learn from reading the complaint that the player, trained at the Girondins de Bordeaux, says “that he will sequester the young woman in this apartment, without her phone and that she will never see her family again”, threatening several times to use “contacts that can organize his disappearance and cover up his murder.” Finally, the complainant decides to flee “fearing for her life, she therefore tries to escape from the disastrous outcome that emerges by jumping out of the window of the room in which she is imprisoned” we can still read. His ex-partner explains that she had to be hospitalized on site for serious injuries following her fall from the apartment.

Olivier Verdon, who only played one season at FCSM (2018-2019), belongs to Spanish club Deportivo Alavès (who after loaning him to Sochaux, also sent him to Eupen in Belgium and Ludogorets Razgrad. this season). It was in Spain that in August 2019, the Franco-Beninese had already been arrested by the Spanish police after a violent argument with his companion at the time.

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