On Saturday, Parisian sporting director Leonardo criticized referee Jérôme Brisard for not having sufficiently sanctioned RC Lens players for faults on Neymar (2-1, 35th matchday in Ligue 1). The manager had the man in black in his sights and had sent off 3 of his players in September in a game against Marseille.

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Former referee Saïd Ennjimi provides L’Equipe with his insight into the often-raised debate about the fouls on Neymar and Leonardo’s behavior after the game against Lens. He comments:

“Of course, this debate must exist. It is unacceptable for a player to be the target of intentional fouls. But it is also necessary that this player accepts to take blows because his play provokes them. In this debate, the referee must watch the intentionality and the meanness of the fault and fight them (…) He (Leonardo) should above all convince himself that a referee has no preconceptions against anyone. If the matches follow each other closely, you have to be careful about the designation because it is hot. But when 7 months separate 2 matches, everything came down. “

Ref: https://www.lensois.com