To facilitate the conversion of thermal models to an electric motor, Ford will launch the marketing of an electric motor sold bare. Its official presentation will take place this fall in Las Vegas at the annual SEMA Show.

It will also convert old cars to electricity. The manufacturer will supply the bare engine with only the high-voltage harness and the necessary connections. There will be no transmission or battery offered with it.

The name given to this engine is a nod to the manufacturer’s old V8 units, the Aluminators. The E replaces the A to indicate that it is an electric motor. The engine block is taken from the parts catalog for the Mustang Mach-E GT, Ford’s electric SUV.

The data sheet states that it develops a power of 210 kW, or about 281 horsepower with a maximum torque of 430 Nm and a rotational speed of 13,800 rpm at full power. Its weight is 93 kg and it is assembled in Mexico.

Already on the American site Ford Performance, it fetched $ 3,900 a piece. However, it is not yet available to order.

The American company Chevrolet will soon offer a complete kit based on the engine of the Bolt EV and accompanied by a battery. It will thus be possible to transform an old vehicle with a complete kit including the necessary to switch to the electric transmission.

However, this type of modification remains tightly controlled in France, which recently authorized the retrofit by limiting, among other things, the transformation to a power identical to that of the original in order to ensure that overpowered engines are not installed in technically unsuitable vehicles.

The manufacturer presented its new Citan utility on Wednesday. Available in gasoline and diesel versions, it will be offered by Mercedes from 2022 in an electric version, named for the occasion eCitan. It will be the last utility vehicle of the brand including a development with thermal engines.

After Citroën, it is Opel’s turn to offer a variation of the mini electric car
of the Stellantis group. The Citroën AMI
It will no longer be the only one to conquer the heart of the cities, it will be necessary to count on its twin, the Opel Rocks-e.

The model marketed next September, which we can not wait to discover the real performance on the ground.

A hard blow for the American Chevrolet, which must remind the garage of the small Bolts already in circulation.

While many unknowns still concern this 100% electric vehicle
, this wireless charging option would add an extra dimension to the high-end car.

“Bird Bike” is not the nickname of a cyclist engaged in the Tour de France, but the new electric bike
designed by Bird, now available for sale on its site.

In the high-end market, Genesis intends to make a name for itself, including in Europe, and is counting on electric power for this.
. This is good since Hyundai’s Premium brand has just unveiled its new luxury SUV, the GV60.

Daimler abandons electric for… electric. Freshly won the Formula E World Championship
, the German manufacturer has announced its withdrawal from the electric racing car championship at the end of the 2022 season.

The semiconductor shortage continues to slow down the activity of automakers. Toyota finds itself forced to reduce its global production by 40% compared to its forecasts for the month of September.

262% is the record increase in the number of electric vehicles
produced on German territory during the first six months of 2021, compared to the first half of 2020. An increase which illustrates the country’s desire to accelerate its transition to electricity over the next decade.

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