The mayor of Pau, support of Emmanuel Macron since 2017, regretted this Thursday morning on BMTV the possible candidacy of Eric Zemmour for the presidential election.

“He agitates the core of human beings which consists in targeting what does not resemble you. He will seek in the history of France what is most unhealthy, shameful, ignominious and defends it. (…) Pouring gasoline on the fire is an abandonment of responsibilities, ”said the president of the MoDem.

The former Minister of Justice has also defended the creation of the great Democratic Party that he has been calling for for several years.

“It will bring together the Modem and La République en Marche among others. These parties do not have different visions between them. They have a different history, but on what they believe and what they want, there is no substantial difference, “said the centrist.

While Edouard Philippe will launch his own movement on October 9 in Le Havre, some see competition between the two men.

“Someone who, in 2021, would have a project to set up a structure for 2027, he would not know politics and I do not imagine that Edouard Philippe is ignorant of political rules”, answers moreover in a kind of warning François Bayrou.

The former Prime Minister pleaded Wednesday in an interview with Challenges for the raising of the starting age, a position supported by the high commissioner for the plan.

“The pension reform will be at the heart of the campaign (…) There are still ideas that have not been explored. I am for the point pension system.”

While the pension reform seems buried 7 months before the presidential election, some among the right wing of the majority urge Emmanuel Macron to get down to it.

The goal of this parade? Changing the view on disability, but also restoring confidence to models, and “reconciling them with their femininity”.

In an interview with “Challenges”, the former Prime Minister believes that the pension reform is the “first” to be carried out in order to reduce the debt.

The Minister of Ecological Transition announced an increase “around 12%” while insisting that there is “room for maneuver”.

In an interview with Paris Match, on newsstands this Thursday, September 30, Cyril Hanouna revealed the name of a political figure ready to appear in Touche Pas à Mon Poste … despite their differences.

As the presidential election draws near, Favikon publishes the second edition of its Observatory of Politicians. The opportunity to note the breakthrough of some candidates, and the loss of momentum of others.

The choice to bring together nearly 5,000 marchers in Avignon next weekend could not have come at a better time to strike the blows of the presidential campaign. While waiting for the president to declare himself (in December or in February?), The macronists enter into fray.

During his operation to remove a tumor from his brain, the violinist had to play a piece to guide the surgeon in his practice.

Investigations into the practices of Professor Daraï, a specialist in endometriosis, began on Tuesday. His actions, described as “brutal”, are the subject of about twenty testimonies.

A Taliban member speaks to protesters outside a school in Kabul on September 30, 2021 while another tries to hide the camera lens

The Australian government on Wednesday handed over the famous 135-million-year-old Daintree rainforest, known for its rare and ancient plant and animal species, to the Kuku Yalanji aboriginal tribe of the East. A historic decision: Australia’s Daintree rainforest, the oldest in the world, was returned on Wednesday, September 29, to its native owners as part of the process of reconciliation between communities.

Expected in a week on France 2, the miniseries with Camille Lou, J’ai menti, will land on Salto on Wednesday, September 29. Don’t miss it!

At the start of the school year, France 2 relied on a new tandem to wake up the French. On the air from Friday to Sunday, Damien Thévenot and Maya Lauqué orchestrate Télématin in perfect harmony. In the columns of the magazine Nous Deux, on newsstands this September 28, the former joker of Laurent Bignolas plunges readers behind the scenes of this unique duo.

For the Taliban, being gay “is a great sin” which deserves the death penalty, so “we stay in our rooms praying that nothing serious happens to us”, testifies an Afghan homosexual. Yahya says. “If anyone identifies us, our lives will be under threat. We’re just inside our rooms, praying nothing bad happens to us.”

The end of the “girl power” alliance? In the new episode of “Koh-Lanta: the legend” broadcast this Tuesday, September 28 on TF1, the “surprise” departure of Clémentine, who has since joined the Île des Bannis, is causing a stir. To the point of greatly weakening the alliance established by Coumba, Clémence, Jade, Alix and all the other women of the two teams. Separated between the Reds and the Yellows, the candidates find it difficult to communicate with each other … with the exception of Christelle who, tonight, shone with her talent for telepathy.

In Côte d’Ivoire, an investigation into alleged acts of rape was opened by the courts after a complaint filed by a young woman against the Minister of Reconciliation. The latter also filed a complaint for what his entourage describes as defamation and fraud. With our correspondent in Abidjan, Pierre Pinto After several days of rumors on social networks, the Ministry of Justice confirmed to RFI on Wednesday that a complaint had been lodged with the gendarmerie against

Paris Match devotes its cover to Sylvie Vartan on the occasion of her sixty-year career.

Pipette in hand, Aaron Gavin carefully feeds corals with shrimp porridge. In Orlando, Florida, a state-of-the-art laboratory hosts more than 700 coral colonies in an attempt to save precious animals from a mysterious disease.

Line Renaud is continuing its commitments. The 93-year-old actress spoke Tuesday, September 28, 2021 live from the National Assembly to challenge the deputies on the “right to die with dignity”.

Florent Pagny is very discreet when it comes to discussing his private life. The coach of The Voice All Stars gave news of his daughter, Aël, aged 22, to the magazine Femme Actuelle, on Tuesday, September 28, 2021.

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